10 product ideas that will make nursery and playroom spring cleaning a whole lot easier


Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to shake off winter (and 2020 while we’re at it) with a little nursery and playroom spring cleaning. As your child grows, they’re obviously outgrowing everything around them at a rapid pace: clothes, toys, products; you name it. And while I am by no means imploring you to toss anything of sentimental value (confession time: I still have my daughters’ baby blanket collections packed away, among other treasures), the benefits of decluttering are plentiful.

Danielle Mahatzri, owner of Miss Clutter Professional Organizing, tells Motherly, “Purging is essential for tidying any space because it helps us become more intentional about our belongings. When our playrooms contain the essentials, you’ll notice your kids are more engaged in play and less flustered by the clutter. Tidying is like brushing your teeth, in order to avoid build-up you must purge on at least a quarterly basis as part of maintaining a tidy space all year round.” So whether it’s fresh new storage boxes or trying out a company that will replace your child’s outgrown clothes with ones that do, the less mess the better, mama.

Here are some of our suggestions for getting started…

LoveEvery play kits

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas


LoveEvery creates play products designed by child development experts for every milestone of baby and toddlerhood, from 0 to 36 months of age. Their Play Kit subscription collection is perfect for families who might not want to become overloaded with toys and only want items around for their child’s particular stage of development. By entering your child’s date of birth on their website, you’ll get started with the right box, and every 2-3 months, new toys will arrive appropriate for your child’s next milestone. This feels like a win: Reduce clutter and keep just what your baby or toddler needs to play and learn.

Green leaf storage basket by ​Lorena Canals 

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas

Motherly Shop

Add a fresh pop of color to your baby’s room (and hide their toys at the same time) with this braided cotton basket available in our Shop. Lorena Canals is known for their extensive collection of machine-washable home accessories, handmade by artisans in the north of India using eco-friendly natural fibers and child-safe dyes. Each purchase helps children in Northern India access education.

The Swoondle Society

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas

The Swoondle Society

Other than toys, clothes pile up the most in my children’s room. Outgrown clothes get pushed to the back of the drawer and, well, you know the drill. The Swoondle Society will send you a pre-paid shipping bag, then simply fill with your child’s outgrown stuff, send in and receive credits to purchase replacement items for your ever-growing child (many of which are brand new with tags). Here’s what one Motherly editor and avid fan have to say:

“I’ve been loving Swoondle since my rapidly-growing toddler would be costing us a lot more in clothing if we didn’t have it. I send off her old clothes every other month or so, and get great stuff that’s lightly used (and sometimes unworn, still with tags). It saves us money and makes me feel good to recycle clothes instead of repeating the cycle of constantly buying new and creating waste.”

Lexington 3-tier rolling cart

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas


The 3-tier art cart might be the best invention in kids’ room organization, in oh, ever? I love that Michael’s offers their cart in an array of pretty pastel colors, and with 3 compartments you can easily separate and organize your little one’s art supplies (and better yet, teach them how to do it themselves). If you already have an area designated for art projects but it needs a freshening up, I love the organization ideas found on How We Montessori.


Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas

Spring cleaning isn’t just for organizing, it’s also for saying bye to dust bunnies. Cleancult, a plant-based and sustainable cleaning company that offers a zero-waste refillable system, is a new favorite of mine. Their Complete All Purpose Cleaner Bundle contains everything you need to kickstart eco-friendly cleaning in your child’s room (and all over the house). Plus, and this can’t be overstated, their reusable glass containers are pretty darn gorgeous.

Rainbow dot art cable

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas

Pottery Barn Kids

Piles of little masterpieces everywhere? I love this colorful art cable from Pottery Barn Kids, which allows you to hang 10 rotating works of art at a time from circular clips attached to the wall. Also, and this is a note to myself, too: You don’t have to keep everything your child ever creates. While I might feel a teensy bit guilty throwing things away (and I do, believe me), the satisfaction of a clear table is worth it.

kaikai & ash city and travel-themed storage boxes

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas

kaikai & ash

kaikai & ash has not only created an adorable way to store your child’s toys, but also the opportunity to dream about all the places you can travel when the pandemic is over. Their city and travel collection inspires wanderlust and a teachable moment for travel-loving families. The canvas storage bins also fit perfectly in standard drop zone storage bookcases, like this one from IKEA.

Stuffed animal bean bag storage

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas


Playroom or nursery starting to look more and more like your local zoo every day? Consider a bean bag storage chair, another genius idea I wish I’d come up with myself. Simply throw in the stuffed animal collection, zip up the bag and voila: comfy seating!

Mr. Pen colored masking tape

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas


Okay, here me out. I know a roll of masking tape might seem like a strange addition to this list. However, thanks to my obsessive viewing of Netflix’s The Home Edit, I was reminded of one episode featuring Khloe Kardashian’s garage. Organizing duo Clea and Joanna used masking tape to make a “parking lot” for her daughter’s motorized car collection (because of course). Well, the same could be done in your child’s playroom to “park” their toy cars, motorcycles, etc. When they’re done playing, it’s time to put the car back in its own designated spot.

Toddler bedroom cleaning checklist

Nursery and Playroom Spring Cleaning Product and Service Ideas


It’s never too early to get your toddler involved in the clean up process. In fact, toddlers like to help clean! I love this Spring Cleaning checklist available as a digital download on Etsy which includes easy tasks for toddlers who are learning how to keep their bedroom clean.

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