This IG account may inspire you to add kid-friendly charcuterie boards into your mealtime rotation


Like many of my Internet searches, I started down one path (searching for Easter basket ideas) and slowly fell down the online rabbit hole, somehow landing on charcuterie boards for kids. And wow, what a discovery. While #kidscharcuterie on Instagram is a wealth of inspiration and a yummy starting point, I just have to share The Baker Mama with you. Maegan Brown is a cookbook author and mother of four, and her food boards for kids go way beyond your traditional meat and cheese platter. From weeknight dinner ideas like a mac and cheese board with multiple toppings or a build-your-own rice bowl to special occasions like an Easter Bunny veggies and hummus platter, Brown is showcasing a way of eating that’s creative and entertaining. For the pandemic weary, this could be a refreshing change in the mealtime rotation (I could use some inspiration here myself). And who knows, for any finicky eaters at home, perhaps carrots will look a bit more intriguing if they’re picked from a colorful rainbow?

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