STAQ and Children’s Hospital Colorado launch sterile compounded drugs for pediatric patients

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STAQ (Safety, Transparency, Availability, Quality) Pharma and Children’s Hospital Colorado (Children’s Colorado) announced today the completion of product development work and the launch of several important sterile compounded medications that are widely used in pediatric hospitals.

Offering pediatric concentrations and doses of commonly used sterile injectable compounded medications optimizes patient care and improves patient safety, reduces medical waste, and provides a solution to drug shortages.

Most commercially available medications are made and packaged for adults. However, in a pediatric setting, providers must carefully titrate the medication dosage according to the child’s weight and age. This individualized practice typically results in a much lower concentration and dose than that needed for an adult. It’s critical to titrate the concentration and dose accurately to provide benefit and not bring harm to the young patient. In many cases, any remaining medication left in the vial must be discarded.

In addition, drug shortages frequently impact pediatric practice because much of the available product is routed to adult hospitals, which leaves pediatric patients and practitioners at the bottom of the rung.

As a solution to these numerous and frequent challenges, Children’s Colorado and STAQ Pharma came together to identify and create concentrations and doses of pre-filled sterile injectables that are most used in pediatric surgical procedures and the critical care setting. Both organizations are leading the way in determining what medications are most in need for young patients and ensuring that these products are widely available to the broader pediatric health care community.

In an emergent situation, where every second counts, having pre-filled sterile injectables of the medications that we use on a regular basis can save lives. We saw a huge need for these products and are pleased to partner with STAQ Pharma to help solve medication needs that are common for all children’s hospitals in the U.S.”

Jerrod Milton, Chief Clinical Officer, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Milton is one of the nation’s leading and most expansive pediatric healthcare systems

“We are honored to be a partner and a key component in the pharmaceutical supply chain for Children’s Hospital Colorado,” shared Joe Bagan, CEO of STAQ Pharma. “We look forward to continuing to solve medication needs and drug shortage issues for the pediatric and adult communities across the country.”

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