10 Ways To Create A Great Atmosphere At Home with The Parenting Junkie

How to Create a High Vibe Home with a Great Atmosphere: When you’re home with young children it can feel so overwhelming and stressful – kids bring mess, chaos, noise, nagging, whining, tantrums, lack of sleep and so much more caregiving than if you were on your own. I’m Avital, aka The Parenting Junkie, and I know how much effort it takes to run a home, work from home, take care of everyone in the family. In this video, I give 10 ways to create a great atmosphere at home (with young children). Let’s aim to have an enjoyable family life, to create a fun, meaningful family life.

10 Tips To Create A Great Atmosphere At Home with The Parenting Junkie
[01:56] #1 – Plants
[03:35] #2 – Music
[04:51] #3 – Aroma
[06:38] #4 – Clear Surfaces
[09:31] #5 – Affirming Words
[11:18] #6 – Photos
[12:45] #7 – Neutral Colors
[14:30] #8 – Lighting
[16:13] #9 – Beautiful Things
[19:49] #10 – Comfortable Pieces


10 Ways To Create a Great Atmosphere at Home

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