How to create the ultimate home gym—for your kid


School-aged kids should be getting at least an hour of exercise each day, which can feel impossible to achieve in lockdown. This gear will help them get moving.

When the pandemic first hit, free weights, tension bands and Peloton bikes quickly became hot commodities—and for good reason. It didn’t take a team of experts to prove that keeping active (especially when you’re in lockdown) is not only good for your body, but also your mental health. Over the summer, the focus turned to kids with trampolines, bikes and other outdoor gear being cleared off store shelves. But with the long Canadian winter stretching out before parents, it’s getting harder to get the kids to go outdoors to be active.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite active toys—in a range of different price points—for getting your little one’s blood pumping indoors.

$25 and under

Frozen II Bop Bag

box for kids punching bag

Photo: Toys”R”Us


Goofy Foot Light-Up Hoop

different sized coloured hula hoops

Photo: Canadian Tire


Paw Patrol Hopper

paw patrol bouncer

Photo: Toys”R”Us


Ollyball 12″ Indoor Ball

indoor ball with box

Photo: Mastermind


Busa Play tunnel

kids play tunnel

Photo: Ikea


Lustigt tag game with vest and balls

two girls playing tag game

Photo: Ikea


$50 and under

Fantasy Hoppers Inflatable Bouncing Unicorn Pink

unicorn shaped bouncer



Printed-design Cotton Rug

rug with hopscotch design

Photo: H&M


Electronic Fun Boxing Set

kids inflatable punching bag

Photo: Mastermind Toys


Playskool Sit ‘n Spin Classic Spinning Activity Toy

green spinning toy for toddlers

Photo: Amazon


Plufsig Folding gym mat

pink gym mat for kids

Photo: Ikea


VTech Count & Win Sports Center

electronic sports centre

Photo: Vtech


$100 and under

Playzone-Fit Tri-Flyer

kids glider toy

Photo: Mastermind Toys


Little Tikes Pogo-It

Kid on pogo-it ball bouncer

Photo: Canadian Tire


Wooden disc swing

young girl on swing in house

Photo: Simons


Hockey sticks (set of 2)

hockey sticks with knit balls

Photo: Simons


Little Tikes – Easy Store 3 ft Trampoline

kids trampoline with support bar

Photo: Toys”R”Us


$100 or more

KidBoard Balance Board Classic

Photo: Kidboard Balance Board


Pikler Triangle

girl sliding down wooden indoor play structure

Photo: The Montessori Room/Facebook

From $299,

Little Tikes Splash ‘n Spray Bouncer indoor/outdoor

indoor bouncy castle

Photo: Little Tikes


Cushy Couch

Photo: Cushy Couch/Facebook


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