Dove launches new kids skin care line that’s perfect for every age


If there’s anything better than Dove skin care, it’s new Dove skin care for kids. Seriously, we can’t seem to get enough of the brand’s iconic moisturizing cream that protects the natural barrier of all skin types. And starting next month, kids’ skin will reap the same benefits as the adults and babies who love the Dove and Dove Baby lines.

Dove Kids Care brings a collection of tear-free products that are made with hypoallergenic formulas and cool fragrances they’ll want to smell for hours like coconut cookie and cotton candy.

Included in the mix is a bubble bath, foaming body wash and slime wash with packaging that speaks to kids of various backgrounds and ethnicities. It’s truly adorable.

dove kids collection

Perhaps more importantly, the brand conducted lots of research. Did you know that kids as young as 3 years old can start to build self-esteem when they see themselves positively represented in the world around them? That’s why Dove’s newest line includes positive affirmations for kids to say every day and fun illustrations of kids of diverse backgrounds.

Thank you, Dove Kids Care, for setting kids on the right path for a positive relationship with their bodies.

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