6 easy ways to elevate your home this winter


2021 is in full swing and if you’ve thought about upgrading your living space, you aren’t alone. According to a survey of 2,000 homeowners by online interior design company Modsy, the pandemic made 60% of respondents realize their homes were disorganized, and 77% were so stressed by their at-home surroundings that they undertook their own DIY home redesign projects.

Pandemic aside, there’s something about the cooler weather and the start of a new year that makes you want to hit reset on your living space. “There’s no better time than the dawn of a new year to make positive changes, so let the arrival of 2021 spur you to get organized and create a space you love to live in,” says interior creative stylist, Karina Lameraner.

Here’s how to refresh your home for a brighter, fresher start this winter:

1. Add a fresh coat of paint

This isn’t new but it’s worth repeating over and over again: A fresh coat of paint can completely transform a room. It’s a simple bedroom design upgrade that makes a huge difference. So, whether you want to jump on the bold colors trend or decorate with neutrals, simply giving your walls some fresh color can refresh your room and give you a new perspective on the space.

2. Try revamping your desk

Like most of us, the office corner of your home has probably gotten a lot of use this year, and frankly, it’s overdue for a refresh if you no longer look forward to sitting there. So, take everything off of your desk and go through every drawer to make your workspace feel like it’s getting a fresh start, too. “I also hung some new wall art above my computer. It’s nothing fancy, but a few eclectic yet sophisticated wall hangings in the space give me a new view and spark of creativity,” says Lameraner.

3. Embrace houseplants

Houseplants make any home feel alive, especially during these colorless winter months, and they help clean the indoor air. “For those who don’t have much of a green thumb, I recommend starting small with a jade (hard to kill!) and a fern, and setting a goal to have at least one plant in every room,” says Lameraner.

4. Identify clutter hotspots

In addition to a mess of craft project supplies and copious amounts of kids’ toys, there are a few other types of clutter that quickly build-up like hats, gloves and masks in your entryway. “I recommend going one by one and finding a solution for each, like a wall-mounted basket for masks, a new shelf in your bathroom or storage baskets that are stylish yet functional and can be elegantly hidden,” says Lameraner. “Make a list of the clutter magnets in your home. I know from experience that fine-tuning these small pain points will make everyday cleaning so much easier.”

5. Detox cleaning supplies

Earlier this year when cleaning supplies were a hot commodity, moms found themselves stuck buying products that they wouldn’t normally choose. Refresh your cleaning supplies to make finding what you need easier in the new year, recommends Lameraner. “And when it comes to the kitchen pantry, there are all sorts of stuff lurking in the dark corners of most people’s cabinets, like a random gluten-free bread mix, dried white corn and canned mussels,” she says. “Make it a point to cook through some of it, and also strive to better organize the staples your family regularly uses.” Another thing Lameraner recommends is decanting the things that come in plastic bags into upcycled glass jars, so you can actually see everything you have and there are no clumsy bags taking up space. And, if the food items or cleaning supplies are unopened and unexpired, donate them to your local food bank instead of throwing them away.

6. Add cleaning to your to-do list

“I’d like to propose that you add house cleaning to your list of winter to-dos. I always feel like what I do at the start of the year sets the tone for the months ahead, and I find that if I set a time for a deep cleaning and think about it as a positive action instead of a dreaded chore, the work is more satisfying. And there is truly nothing like the feeling of a clean house,” says Lameraner.

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