21 Best Vacation Destinations To Go With Babies And Toddlers


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Family vacations are an exciting time for everyone. Working parents would need time away from their jobs, homemakers may need a break from their household duties, and children wish to have unlimited fun. When the entire family is going on a vacation, picking a place that everyone enjoys can be tricky.

If you have toddlers, you need to be extra careful when planning a trip. You should find a child-friendly place with appropriate childcare amenities for your young ones and make sure you can unwind and have a good time without worrying about babysitting. Keep reading the post for a list of vacation spots for toddlers in and around the United States where your entire family, including the young ones, can have a great time.

21 Best Vacation Spots To Go With Babies and Toddlers

1. Jersey Shore 

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The Jersey Shore is a great spot for a family vacation. From long sandy beaches to cultural hotspots by the boardwalk, it is a place to enjoy music, art, and other beach activities. Toddlers and babies can have fun taking the rides at the amusement parks and watching the street performers. Even a walk down the shore can help you create beautiful memories for life.

If your toddler likes animals, there are aquariums and even a zoo. We recommend Gillian’s Wonderland Park as it has rides and attractions, specifically for toddlers. The best time to visit the Jersey Shore is summer when you can expect a crowd as it’s the peak time.

2. Paradise Islands

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The little gem in the Bahamas has something for everyone. You can hire toddler-friendly services, from customized meal plans to trained babysitters, and enjoy some quality time alone. Children can also enjoy the aquatic version of Build-A-Bear at Atlantis Pals, where they can create stuffed marine animals and have fun at the safe water play areas and beaches. The Mandara Spa is a good spot for couples who want to unwind in luxury. Some places even host free movie nights for the entire family.

3. Chicago 

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The Windy City is famous for a lot of landmarks that cater to everyone’s interests. The indoor and outdoor attractions are among the best and are accessible at all times. You can see the iconic “Bean” at Cloud Gate or get a fantastic view of the entire city from the 110-foot Willis Tower.

If your toddler is a nature lover, take them to the famous Shedd Aquarium and the massive Lincoln Zoo. The best time to visit the “Windy City” is spring or autumn. So, pack accordingly and be prepared for the weather.

4. Club Med – Florida 

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Club Med is well known for its tropical resorts across North America and the Caribbean. With white sand and crystal blue waters, it’s an ideal summer getaway for the whole family. The “Baby Club Med” initiative makes it perfect for your young ones. It offers a combination of activities, from indoor games to outdoor activities, along with a daycare to take care of your little one’s naptime and nutritious meals.

It is an ideal vacation place for new parents who want their children to have a great time alone and as an entire family. The best time to visit depends on the weather as the area is prone to storms. However, there are plenty of options, with branches in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

5. Monterrey 

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Monterrey stands out from other popular locations in California because it’s relatively less ‘touristy’ than most places on the coast while still boasting a wide range of activities and attractions. You and your young ones can visit the National Maritime Sanctuary and find aquatic animals from otters to seals.

If you prefer to see them close, you can go to the attached aquarium to get face to face with the sea animals. The Country Youth Museum is another hotspot that boasts a massive play area with interactive exhibits for children of all ages. The ideal times to visit here is from spring to autumn.

6. Lake Chaplain

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Vermont’s Lake Chaplain has gained a lot of popularity in the last few decades for its lake resorts and camps built all around it. The place appeals to families who want to sit back and relax next to the calm waters and enjoy the beautiful Vermont scenery.

If you want to have some time to yourself while the children are well taken care of, we recommend the Tyler Place family resort as a place to unwind. It offers plenty of activities, including water sports, fishing, treehouses, and campfires for children and parents. You can even have a night out by keeping your children with qualified caregivers.

7. San Diego

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San Diego is a fairly crowded holiday destination during peak times, but you can find many places close by that make it an excellent family getaway spot. We recommend checking out the Loews Coronado Bay resort as it gives you the feel of vacationing on a secluded private island. It is located at a short drive distance from the popular landmarks, including Sea World, downtown San Diego theme parks, and the zoo.

The resort prepares the rooms in advance for children by adding childcare products, strollers, and cribs. All these spares you from the burden of packing heavily. There is even a provision for baby food and onsite play areas for toddlers.

8. Olympic National Park

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Located in Washington, Olympic National Park is one of the most iconic parks in the country. With mountains and rainforests coming together at tide pools and straits, this park has something for everyone! Children can be amazed looking at the height of the massive trees, some of which are over a thousand years old.

Parents who are experienced hikers or mountaineers can go for an active day trip through forest and mountain trails. At the same time, children can enjoy a less physically demanding vacation in the lap of nature. The place has forests, mountains, and water bodies all around.

9. Hawaii

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Hawaii is probably one of the best beach getaways in the United States if you like the island vibe. But if you visit the right place, you can get a good fit for you and your young one. We recommend you try Aulani Resort. Nestled between tropical forests, mountains, and the Pacific ocean, you will find yourself in the lap of nature.

The Hawaiin hospitality and culture can be felt everywhere, from the lobby to your rooms to the beachside restaurant and bar. You can relax and get a cabana by the poolside and even take classes on massaging infants. Children will enjoy the Disney theme, from costumed actors to water play areas that give a tropical Disneyland feel. It can be an excellent trip for people of all ages.

10. Disney Cruise

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What do you do when your children are Disney fans, and all you want is a relaxing cruise? Go on a Disney Cruise! You can appreciate the Mediterranean-themed specialty restaurants and luxurious staterooms where you get a chance to relax, dine and unwind. There’s also a section for adults only, where you can spoil yourself with massages and spa treatments.

Children, meanwhile, can be well taken care of with childcare and camps. They’ll enjoy the Disney theme with characters, rides, games, and fireworks all around.

11. Water Parks

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Waterparks are a classic family vacation idea that people of all ages can enjoy. Even if you aren’t up for some thrill-seeking rides or getting an adrenaline rush, you can relax and have a good time with your family. Such a lovely child-friendly water park is Noah’s Arkin, Wisconsin. You can visit for a day or stay longer if you like the accommodation options.

You can even find a variety of restaurants and rides. If you’re looking for a thrill, visit the iconic “Scorpion’s Tail” ride. There are numerous kiddie and splash pools with lazy rivers running the park’s course where you can float.

12. Island Adventure

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While Hawaii is a great island getaway, the overall vibe is laid back and ‘touristy.’ If you want a secluded island experience, we recommend you try Captiva’s South Seas Island Resort. While you can sit back and relax in their beach villas and cottages, you can go on island treks to see the sunsets. The hot dog boat rides and watersports can also be fun to try with kids.

If you are a foodie, you can enjoy eating at the diverse and child-friendly range of restaurants around. Children can enjoy shell hunting in the shallows for colorful and unique shells common to the Gulf of Mexico. There’s a craft center where your child can learn to make interesting decorations and toys and swim, too.

13. Urban Getaway

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A vacation is more about what you do rather than where you are. If you’re not keen on long drives or traveling far, you could always opt to have a nice hotel vacation in an urban setting. For those of you on the East Coast, we recommend the Colonnade Hotel if you’re traveling with your young ones.

It is located at a nexus of tourist spots from the Children’s museum to the New England museum, and there is no shortage of activities for both parents and children here. You can walk down to Fenway Park or even take a short ride to all the major historical sites in Boston. Children can enjoy the splash fountains at the public gardens and the iconic statues and rides.

14. Traverse City

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Located by the banks of Lake Michigan, Traverse City has something for everyone. From outdoor movies to music performances every night to lakeshore fishing and water sports during the summers, you can find your niche there.

If you’re lucky enough to visit in the summer, you can not only enjoy the waterfront activities but also take part in the iconic National Cherry Festival with cherry-picking competitions, dog jumping shows, homemade ice cream, and cherry pie stalls. That makes a wholesome vacation for the entire family!

15. Mountain Getaway

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Depending on the time of year, mountains can be great vacation spots with children if you pick the right resort. We recommend Smugglers Notch Resort in Vermont. The whole family can enroll in ski classes, but parents can choose to enjoy these activities alone as well if they wish to.

There is an extensive child care center for children to enjoy the winter sports activities such as skiing, snow-tubing, and even water slides and splash pools (in the summer). If the weather is rough, you can have fun indoors as well, with group sing-alongs and story nights.

16. Mexican Riviera Experience

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If you’re a fan of all-inclusive holidays, look no further than the Azul Beach Hotel in the Mexican Riviera. This place has something for everyone. There are dedicated yoga classes for moms, 24-hour babysitting services, childcare, and many other things such as onsite cribs and toy loans, so you don’t have to pack heavy items for your young ones.

Parents can enjoy private dinners and massages by the beach, while children can go wild at the playhouse filled with Fisher-Price toys. The whole family can come together for family movie nights and bond over a wide range of activities within the resort limits.

17. Legoland

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Legos are educational and fun toys for children and even some adults. And you can have a good time at Legoland whenever you wish to. Legoland boasts over 50 rides, which are all thematic and enjoyable for the entire family. From Star Wars themes to Lord of the Rings to even superheroes like Superman and Batman—you can find them all.

The place is designed, keeping children in mind, and has a wide range of childcare services, thus taking the pressure off parents. You can have a fun and educational experience with your little ones and unleash their inner creativity as you bond with them, trying to build toys, buildings, landmarks, or just fool around with Legos.

18. Cowboy Holiday

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If your family loves animals, enjoy a Cowboy Holiday. Whether it’s puppies and kittens to a petting zoo, all of you can enjoy and have great fun. If you’re near the East Coast, you can check out the Rocking Horse Ranch in New York. With comprehensive childcare facilities for babies and toddlers, it makes an excellent vacation spot.

You can ask for customized meals and even a hire babysitter in the room. You can take up various activities, from horse and pony rides to wagon trips. If your toddlers aren’t really into animals, they can always check out the interactive playground and indoor waterpark.

19. Jamaican Getaway

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Caribbean holidays have been becoming increasingly popular with American tourists for the incredible scenery and luxury stay. Of late, the resorts are customizing their offerings for parents of young children. A good example is the Franklyn D. Resort in Jamaica, situated along the picturesque Runaway Bay. It has everything you’d expect from a tropical vacation with an extensive suite of childcare options.

With a dedicated children’s center, recreation room, and nannies for hire at reasonable rates, it makes a great option if you’re traveling with your little ones. The resort’s charm is it’s location, making everything from your rooms to the restaurant or pool just a short walk away.

20. Spanish Fiesta

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If you have a budget and time for an international trip, Spain can be a good idea. Barcelona, in particular, is beautiful if you’re traveling with children. You don’t need a degree in architecture or history to appreciate the soaring spires of Sagrada Familia (sacred family) Basilica or enjoy the incredibly creative designs of the famous architect Gaudí.

Families can enjoy walking through the market districts, sampling local delicacies, and sipping on freshly made Sangria, while the younger ones can have fun at the beautiful parks with play areas and an abundance of ducks and exotics birds around. You can take a tour through Barcelona city on a double-decker bus by experienced local guides.

21. Langhorne

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Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful borough, nestled in the picture-postcard beauty of the countryside, close to the Delaware River and major fishing and boating hotspots. But the true call to fame of Langhorne comes from the Sesame Place theme park, which is based on the iconic show Sesame Street.

The theme park is based on the show and has rides, character meets, and restaurants—paying tribute to the show. Children and parents will connect over these familiar characters that they both grew up watching and would love to spend any holiday, be it Halloween or Christmas, here.

Vacationing with young ones can wrong if you don’t pick the right spot. It is essential to look for strollers, cribs, food options (for the picky eaters), and engaging activities for your children. At the same time, you need to relax and enjoy yourself. We’ve made this list, keeping the factors in mind so you can maximize your family fun and children’s playtime by hiring childcare and other amenities for a memorable time.

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