Do moms and dad discipline differently?

Do moms and dads discipline differently? Yes. No matter the make up of a family, when two people are raisinging children together they are going to discipline together. This is due to each person being raised a certain way with certain beliefs about what parenting styles they should have. Having different ideas on how to deal with different parenting issues is a good thing as it provides new ways to look at the situation or allows one parent to handle situations that the other parent may not be able to do.

As children grow they becomes flexible and parents need to grow and adapt too to raise emotionally healthy children. Part of that growth is changing how one discipline. Healthy discipline is an important part of raising successful children. Discipline should teach a child and not punish them. Difficulties arise when one parent undermines the other, either intentionally or unintentionally or when one parent does not discipline. When this happens, we encourage parents to learning the parenting skills on Smarter Parenting no matter what parenting styles you have. Learning certain behavior skills will help both parents, no matter their parenting styles, collaborate to better raise your child. These parenting skills work and will improve your family.

Learn more about the power of the skills we teach on Smarter Parenting by watching the History of the Teaching-family model.

Parents disagree on discipline will always be a challenge, but using the skills of Smarter Parenting will put you on the same page. Visit Smarter Parenting to learn more about the behavior skills that will bring success to any family.

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