150+ Best Teenage Birthday Wishes, Quotes, And Messages


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The teenage years are the most exciting years of one’s life. Children taste the freedom of adulthood, and at the same time, catch a glimpse of the responsibilities that come with it.

If your little girl who used to play with dolls is turning into a little lady, or if your ever cute boy is turning into a handsome young man, then they have entered into the awesome phase. As they embark on their journey towards adulthood, give them your guidance and knowledge. If your teen is celebrating their birthday, wish them a happy birthday with these 150+birthday quotes for teens.

We have included wishes for boys and girls, so go ahead and choose the one that works best for you.

150+ Birthday Quotes For Teens

  1. It’s your birthday, but I’m the one who received a gift. And that gift is you. Enjoy your birthday, sweetie!
  1. Today is your day; don’t forget to smile like the sun is shining. Happy b’day, my dear child!
  1. The teenage years are probably one of the best times in a person’s life. All the fun you get to have is priceless! I truly hope that all your wishes in life come true because this is the only thing that an amazing teen like you deserves! Happy birthday!
  1. You are now officially a teen. You will learn how the world around you functions. So, my only wish for you this birthday is that you never stop learning and never stop being curious. Happy birthday!
  1. You are no longer a child, yet you are also not an adult. You will experience the taste of both worlds. Make the best out of this sweet and short phase while it lasts. Happy birthday!
  1. They say handling a teenager is challenging, but raising you was one of the best things in my life. You are so young, yet so mature. I am glad to have you in my life. Happy birthday, Champ!
  1. Teenage is an amazing phase of life where you can enjoy some wonderful moments. Cherish all of them, and do not forget that this is also the time to lay the stepping stones for your future. Happy birthday!
  1. I am so excited to be able to witness this special day of such an amazing person. It truly astonishes me to see that there are still such wonderful teenagers out there. Keep on being amazing! Happy birthday!
  1. Every teenager wants freedom as soon as they clock this age, but freedom is dangerous if the definition is not right. Enjoy your special day, and desire true freedom. Have a fantastic birthday!
  1. I don’t want to tell you ways to grow up because you have always been an amazing child. All I want to tell you is — be honest and be an achiever. Happy birthday!
  1. Welcome to the teenage world! I wish you a wonderful birthday. May you always get everything you want in life! May you get love and happiness from everyone. Happy birthday!
  1. Congratulations on transitioning from a kid to a teenager. May your wisdom increase as you enter this new phase. Keep up the energy and enjoy. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to you, beautiful teenager. You are an awesome kid, and I love you so much. I hope you enjoy this day.
  1. Remember, seasons come and go. Learn to understand the dynamics of each, and you will live like a king. Happy birthday, good boy. Enjoy your new phase.
  1. Many teenagers know the right things, but only a few of them do them; I know where you belong. May God guide you as you do right. Happy Birthday!
  1. I see how hard you work, and I think you need the day off. Enjoy your birthday with your teenage friends and live for now. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  1. Happy birthday. You are a special person in my life, and I will always be here for you. Never forget that I love you.
  1. Adolescence – the best time to collect awesome memories. Enjoy your teen life while it lasts. I wish you a happy birthday.
  1. I’m praying that you’ll have an exciting party for your birthday. As you enter the teenage world, I hope you enjoy all the good things it offers. Have a cool birthday!
  1. Being a teenager will bring you many new adventures. Learn to make the right choices while you’re having fun. This is going to be an amazing time in your life. Have the coolest birthday.
  1. May your teenage years be a memorable period. Congratulations on officially becoming a teen. Best wishes on your 13th birthday. May you find happiness in whatever you do.
  1. We’ve been waiting so long for this moment to arrive. Although it makes me scared to think that you’re not a kid anymore, I know you will make every decision wisely.
  1. Be brave, be bold, be the person you want to see others. Happy birthday!
  1. You always give us reasons to smile and be happy. You’re my motivation. I’m glad you’ve grown up into a beautiful teen. Today marks the beginning of a more adventurous period. Continue to make us proud. Happy 13th birthday to you.
  1. Happy birthday to the newest member of the teenager’s club. It is an age to grow in every aspect; keep growing and enjoy each day.
  1. The age of thirteen marks the beginning of lots of opportunities and life experiences. It is my wish that you make the best out of this age. Have the most enjoyable 13th birthday!
  1.  I can never take you for granted, dear teenager, for you have proven that you are more than what we see. Enjoy your birthday and everything that comes your way, crazy kid.
  1. You are amazing, and you’ve always been. So, never settle for mediocrity. Always aim to become the best at whatever you do, and success will come your way! Happy Birthday!
  1. You’ve turned into a teen. Congratulations on being wonderful in the phases you’ve been through. Have a wonderful 13th birthday! May life give you excitement to live and explore.
  1. Happy birthday to my teen. May everything fall into place while you’re in this exciting period of your life. Cheers to your teenage life!
  1. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made as a friend. I couldn’t imagine living without you. I pray that you’ll always feel happy and loved. God bless you more. Enjoy your birthday. Happy 15th!
  1. You act like an adult for your age and can already make wise decisions. You make us so proud. I know that you’ll continue to amaze us. Have the best 16th birthday!
  1. Cherish the time as a teen because being an adult entails more responsibilities. Gather a lot of sweet memories. Happiest birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to one of the best kids around. We want you to become someone special and successful. This is the interlude before you become a full-blown adult.
  1. At this age, silly ideas will always come to your mind; never ignore them, as they always turn into something great. Happy birthday, teenager.
  1. May God’s guidance, love, and blessing be with you throughout life as you mark your 14th year of existence on this planet. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, kiddo. We wish you an incredible year full of love and success.
  1. The cute teenager in this world deserves the world’s cute wishes from all. Have a wonderful birthday today.
  1. Enjoy yourself to the max in your teenage years. Be the person you want to be, and always remember to follow your heart. Happy birthday!
  1. You are still young and full of life. I hope you enjoy your youth to the fullest while you still have the opportunity to do so. Have a magical day.
  1. As you grow up, make sure you have more dreams than memories, more opportunities than chances, more hard work than luck, and more friends than enemies. Have a happy birthday.
  1. Darling, you are a wonderful bloom in a beautiful garden where only true love grows. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  1. The teenage years are probably the best time in a person’s life. All the fun you get to have is priceless. I wish all your dreams come true because  an amazing teen like you deserves the best.
  1. Let your teenage years be full of silly and foolish things, but your adulthood clear and true. Now is the most suitable time to explore crazy ideas. Try everything from a to z —  it will help you find yourself. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, my lovely, charming teenager! The  coming years will be wild, but I trust and believe in you. Make this stage of life unforgettable. I love you!
  1. Congratulations for taking this beautiful step from being a kid to a teenager. May your wisdom increase as you enter your new age. Keep up the energy and enjoy. Happy birthday!
  1. Never forget to keep this in your mind — you can always be better no matter how good you may become. Happy birthday to the freshest teenager in my home. Love you so much.
  1. There are hundreds of benefits in reaching this milestone age. I hope you find and enjoy all the benefits attached to being a teen. Happy birthday, buddy.
  1. Commit yourself to enhance your thoughts and how you view things. If you can develop this aspect of your life, you’ll be better than most teenagers out there. Happy birthday, my teen child.
  1. It’s your birthday, beautiful teenager. You make me smile in each and every way, and I hope you enjoy this special day. I love you.
  1. We sometimes contradict each other and behave like total strangers, and at other times are the best of friends. I guess these are all part and parcel of the teenage years. I hope you have the best of birthdays. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.
  1. Let the music play. It’s your birthday. I hope you are filled with happiness today and always. I wish you a wonderful birthday.
  1. During this transitional phase of mental and physical development, I hope you understand life’s true definition and see the big picture of life. Happy birthday.
  1. Finally, you are a teenager! May every blessed day of your life as a teenager be filled with more happiness than your beautiful heart can contain. Happy 13th birthday!
  1. This day might just be any other day for most people, but for me, it’s very special because you’ve just turned 17. Enjoy the day, and may you be blessed the whole year through. I’m so proud of how you’ve become at a young age. Happiest 17th birthday!
  1. You’ve done many things that make us proud. I know you’ll do many more great things. Enjoy the process, and don’t forget to be thankful to the people who have helped you. Happy birthday!
  1. You’re the best in class and at home. You’re just an obedient child, charming person, and trusted friend. You deserve a marvelous birthday party.
  1. God has blessed you with good health and a good family. May you reach far as you continue to mature and find your niche in this world. Enjoy your blessed day.
  1. You’ve been the sweetest kid ever. I hope you remain the same as you start your teenage life. Happy birthday to my sweetest baby – oops! Teen.
  1. In this life, there would be some people who would tempt you to do wrong, others who would teach you lessons, and a few who would make your life meaningful. Remember that I’ll be there at all times when you need a shoulder to lean on. Happy birthday, my lovely teen!
  1. Happiest birthday to my dearest friend; you’re a teen now. May you have the guidance of the Lord as you journey through this exciting phase of your life. Live life to the fullest but know your limits.
  1. You’ll be someone great if you want to. Just remember these things: hard work, perseverance, patience, and wise choices. Also, don’t forget to be grateful to all the people who have helped you. Have the best birthday!
  1. Our little baby is now a teen. Make every moment of your teenage life meaningful and fun. I don’t want you to have regrets in the future. Happiest birthday!
  1. Happiest birthday, young one. Our teens were the most memorable times, and I hope that you’d experience the same. We’re excited for you in this new adventurous phase.
  1. I’m grateful that you’re our child. Always follow your heart and remember that each obstacle is a stepping stone for becoming a stronger person. I love you! Have fun being a teen!
  1. You’re only 13 once. Make the most out of it. Don’t waste it but do the things you want to do and achieve. Happy birthday!
  1. Being 13 means that you’re  in between – you are not a kid, and you are not an adult yet. Things might be difficult during this time but just ask for guidance from your parents. Enjoy your 13th birthday celebration.
  1. The teenage years are the most complicated but wonderful times in a person’s life. May you soar high amidst the difficult things you encounter along the way. Have a great birthday!
  1. May you become great as you move through this teen stage. Happy birthday, kid.
  1. Happy birthday to an awesome teenager. Continue being awesome. You are a blessing to the world. I love you.
  1. This is the time to learn and develop a positive attitude upon which other things shall be built. May you never go wrong as you try to do so. Happy birthday, my child.
  1. May God bless you and make you find the power that lies within you to become the best you are made to be. Happy birthday, teen.
  1. Have a hearty birthday, my dear. You deserve to have a good time. I love you so much and wish you nothing but memorable moments.
  1. To the teenager who rocks my world, turns it upside down, and makes me see more of what the world really is. I love you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  1. As a teenager, learn to discover new adventures and gather more experiences to help you become the best adult you could be. Have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy the best things in life!
  1. You can now officially drive! Happy 16th birthday! I wish you all the happiness in this world. Be happy and enjoy the remaining teenage years.
  1. As you reach your teen, you’ll meet several people. Some will be in your life for a short time, while others could become your friends forever. Find those you can celebrate your birthdays with for life.
  1. I know a lot of dreams are being cooked up in your heart. I pray that all your wishes turn into reality. Happy birthday!
  1. Sixteen is an exciting age to meet people, have new experiences, and enjoy what life offers. Make happy memories. I May God help you make good choices. Happy birthday!
  1. You’re slowing but surely climbing the ladder towards success. I know you’re already a successful student, but I know you’re designed towards greatness. Have the best 16th birthday!
  1. Now that you are officially a teen, you are almost an adult person. You will understand what adult life is like and learn a lot of new things. I hope life gives you enough challenges to make you a stronger and better person once you complete this stage. Happy birthday!
  1. You’re one of the most important people in my life. I can’t believe my darling is now 15. Enjoy every moment as a 15-year-old. Happiest birthday!
  1. May God provide you with skills that you can use to make your life better and  help others. I know that you can do great things as you continue to mature and work towards your dreams. For now, enjoy your 17th birthday.
  1. As you become a wonderful adult person, my love for you continues to grow. I am proud of you, and you know it.  Happy Birthday. Don’t forget that I love you so much no matter what.
  1. As you enter your most beautiful phase of life, I pray to God to give you enough opportunities and strength to realize your dreams. Happy birthday!
  1. What I really wish from God as your parent is that you have good intuition and reasoning to choose good friends. I love you so much. Happy birthday.
  1. Welcome to the teen world. You are close to becoming an adult. You have to learn to take more responsibility and become independent. Happy birthday!
  1. Learn to balance your heart and mind. Do not let one overpower the other. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, my dear. Try to build good friendships and cherish every moment. If you shed tears, use them to become wiser. And most importantly, know that crying is not a sign of weakness. I love you so much!
  1. Someone’s happiness might be your happiness, but your happiness doesn’t depend on someone else. Take good care of yourself and always do things that make you happy. I hope your day is as awesome as you are! Happy birthday!
  1. Enjoy every moment in your life, and find joy in everything you do. You can’t turn back the time. Happy Birthday!
  1. Although you turned 16th birthday, I see you as a child because I remember your sweet childhood years when I see you. I love you so much. I am proud of you and wish you to become a great teenager. Happy birthday!
  1. You’re 16 years old. If you want to live comfortably in your future life,  work hard now. Set your goals and stick to them, and ultimately, you’ll be proud of what you did! Happy birthday!
  1. I wish you a wonderful birthday. Your beauty, smile, warm heart, and intelligence will always stay with you. I love you, my dear. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, dear. You have entered one of the most important periods of your life, and do not forget that we are with you on this journey. Do not forget to believe in yourself! Happy birthday again!
  1. Happy birthday, my girl. Your zeal to learn will take you far. I believe you will understand the difference between right and wrong at every moment of your life and always stand for the truth. I love you so much. May God always be with you and bless you.
  1. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and smartest teenager I have ever seen! Take care because you have a wonderful life in front of you. I wish you a birthday as beautiful as you.
  1. We are pleased to see you as a new member of the youth club and hope you will be happy to be among us in the future. Unfortunately, you are not permanent here because we are always growing. Enjoy every moment because your age will never come back. I wish you a fun-filled birthday. Happy birthday.
  1.  I consider myself a lucky person because I know a cultured and idealistic person like you. I believe that you will be a more valuable, more respected, and more successful person. Happy birthday, take care.
  1. I’m sure there’s more to you than it looks! But you need a little more time to discover this. I am sure you will be a great adult once you cross adolescence. For now, just enjoy your birthday and your birthday cake. I love you. Happy birthday!
  1. I am proud of myself for raising a responsible and respectful child. You make me very proud, and I hope your children will make you proud. I know that in the future, you will get to a better level than me in life. Happy birthday!
  1. Today is your 16th birthday — One of the milestones of this life. I know you are excited. Now you have got rid of some chains that have captured you, and you are freer. Enjoy this freedom responsibly. Happy Birthday!
  1. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you. I hope you get a lot of greeting cards and make sweet memories that you will always remember. Happy Birthday!
  1. You were always my best friend from when you were little. I hope our friendship gets even stronger. I wish you a great day. Happy birthday!
  1. You are finally a teenager! You have more freedom to do what you want, but don’t forget that you now have more responsibilities. I know that you have waited for so long to be a teenager, and I am sure you will make the most of these years. Happy birthday!
  1. I understand why you want freedom so much like every teen, but you have to learn the right definition of freedom. If that definition means danger to you, freedom is also dangerous. As you enter your youth, responsibilities will always follow you. Make the most of whatever comes your way. Happy birthday!
  1. My dear son, I hope you grow up strong and have a never-give-up attitude. Always have faith in yourself, and you will achieve all that you dream. Happy birthday!
  1. Never forget to risk everything to be better and to live a better life. Happy birthday.
  1. We have graciously been waiting for this special day of yours. And now that it is finally here, it is our wish that you grow wise and healthy. Happy birthday.
  1. Trust, love, believe, and accept  – do all these to yourself before you do them to others. It’s the only way to win the biggest fight of your life… the one within. Happy birthday.
  1. Always remember that you’re awesome, and there’s no one on the planet like you. Never let anyone make you believe otherwise. Happy birthday, my girl.
  1. Everyone fails. Everyone does things that they’re ashamed of. Everyone is made fun of. Everyone goes through breakups. Everyone faces tough times. Don’t single yourself out. All you need to do is to keep moving on. Have a great birthday.
  1. Good things, good times; good things, good times; good things, good times… May your happy day be filled with plenty of good things and good times. Happy birthday.
  1. Happy birthday. You only get to turn 13 years old once, so you should have the greatest and grandest celebration ever.
  1. On your special day, cut loose and be sure to get a huge chunk of cake. Licking the icing from your fingers is optional. Have an extraordinary birthday.
  1. We are ready to celebrate the birthday of the brightest and most magnificent teenager in our family. I hope you enjoy it. Happy birthday!
  1. I wish I could be with you today and laugh with you. I hope you like my gift. I love you. Remember, there are always things in your life that will make you happy.
  1. I want to celebrate the birthday of the best daughter on this planet. We know that you have a life full of success in front of you, and we are sure that you will reach it. Your childhood days are over, and your youth will be more beautiful than your childhood. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday, darling. I learn something new from you every day. I have a lot more to learn from you. And most importantly, I feel very comfortable with you and laugh the most when I’m with you. I love you so much.
  1. I still remember all the joyful moments we shared and spent with you. Today, we will add new ones to them. I can stay with you until the end of my life. My dear darling, I love you very much. Happy birthday!
  1. Happy birthday to my best friend and the person I trust most. May your new age bring you nothing but happiness. I hope you know how valuable you are to me and that I love you so much. Always be happy!
  1. You are very precious, and I hope you are aware of it. I love you very much, dear. Happy birthday!
  1. On your birthday, I want to let you know that you will always and forever be our bundle of bliss no matter your age. Have a fantastic birthday!
  1. No one can say you are too young or too old to do something. Adolescence is the best time for everything! I Wish you an extraordinary birthday. I know you are the best! Happy birthday!
  1. I wish you to be not just a gem but a shining and unsurpassed diamond that will fill this world with its beauty. Happy birthday.
  1. Discover the world in books and travels. Expand your horizons and strive to meet people who give you new perspectives. Happy birthday!
  1. I wish you enjoy all the beautiful things in life, travel to the ends of the Earth, and discover joy and happiness. Smile, rejoice, and experience the world in all its beauty. Happy birthday!
  1. Always take a confident position in life, and never remain in the shadow of success. Strive to reach new heights, and always take from life all that is desired and necessary. Happy birthday.
  1. I wish you the bright stars of hope in the sky and unquenchable rays of happiness. Let your life go as you have planned, and your every step lead you to success.
  1. You have been our inspiration right from your childhood till this age. Continue to spread happiness and positivity wherever you go. Happy birthday, my rockstar.
  1. Happy birthday, kiddo! Yes, you’re not so much a kid, but you’re still not an adult. So, I wish you to savor this time and especially this beautiful day. I see a great man in you.
  1. Happy birthday, young man! I wish you to be brave and strong because the teenage years are full of mysterious turns. Never give up and seek what you really want. I hope you enjoy your birthday party!
  1. You won’t be a teenager forever. Spend this time fruitfully and do things that make you grow as a person. Time flies so fast, so make the most of it. Have a good birthday party today! Congratulations on completing 12 fruitful years on this planet!
  1. May the stars be with you when you are sad, and may the sun shine on you on your cloudy days. We hope you never lose your amazing smile! Happy b’day!
  1. Today, we are all here to celebrate your birthday! We hope you have a successful future and find happiness everywhere you go!
  1. Congratulations on turning 13, sweetheart! I hope you never lose your individuality and always remain smart and curious. Have fun today! Happy birthday!
  1. You’re now a teenager. Make these years count because you won’t be young forever! Let’s make this day unforgettable!
  1. Happy birthday, honey! We love you, and we will stick by your side no matter what!
  1. Congratulations on your birthday, beautiful! As I see, makeup and tutorials are not unknown things for you, so I wish you to try everything and discover yourself in many different ways. It’s the best time for it. Just do it! Happy birthday!
  1. Great things, beautiful flowers, true friends, and happy hours! May your Big Day bring you lots of amazing moments and everything that you wish for!
  1. You’re the best teenager. May you continue to shine and brighten people’s lives. Have the best birthday!
  1. Your presence lights up a room. You always do things for others. Keep it up and continue to have a big heart. Have an amazing birthday!
  1. Thank you for being a great friend and a cool teenager. I hope you experience much joy and laughter on your birthday. Happiest birthday!
  1. As a teen, you’ve achieved many things. Since today is your birthday, take time to relax and enjoy the day. Thank you for being amazing. You deserve a break. Happy birthday!
  1. It’s bittersweet when a mother sees her daughter growing up and becoming a teen. I’m happy because you’ve blossomed into a beautiful person and sad because it means less mommy-daughter time.
  1. I pray that this birthday celebration is far better than all the birthday parties you had. May this day be the start of more wonderful days since you’re now a teenager.
  1. Happy birthday dear! Well, you’re officially not a kid anymore. Enjoy the new stage of your life as well as your birthday celebration.
  1. Happy birthday, dear! We can be great in our own ways. Make your teenage life the best. Be great in anything you do. Live a life without regrets so that when you reach your old age, you will look back with a smile on your face.
  1. Your dad, your grandparents, and I can’t be more grateful, baby. You’ve grown up to be a lovely daughter and granddaughter. May you continue to bring joy to the people around you. Happy birthday! Have a blast!
  1. Happy birthday to my favorite teen. You have it in you to do great things. Use your skills wisely.
  1. Never waste any opportunity and your time. They only come once in a lifetime. Choose your priorities wisely. Live well and make every moment special for you and your loved ones. Happiest birthday!

We hope these birthday messages for teens inspire you to write one for your child. You can print these wishes on small notes and hang them in your teenager’s room. Add a personal touch to them and convey your best wishes for your teenager.

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