9 comforting shows to binge when 2020 is just too much


There’s a reason nostalgia has been such a major theme in pop culture over the past few years: There is something incredibly comforting about tucking into something you loved as a child. Our world needs more of that sort of comfort right now—and while moms may be less likely to seek that out (or, if we’re being honest, not have the time to do so), they need it more than just about anybody.

For so many reasons, this has been a terribly difficult and stressful time. As we head into what will surely be a tough season of COVID spikes and subsequent quarantine/lockdown periods, it’s more important than ever for us to find those things that make us feel instantly grounded and uplifted at once. And being able to indulge in those things from the comfort (and safety) of our own homes? That’s a win/win.

Take it from me, squeezing in a bit of time for some self-care in the form of TV watching can be game-changing, especially for mamas. If you’re anything like me (and I bet you are), you are likely worrying about someone or something at almost every point in your day. Watching a nostalgic show can take your mind off… all of it. Even if you’re just squeezing in a quick viewing session while folding laundry, this is a pretty darn effective form of self-care.

So, enter the nostalgic faves: These are shows (both original and rebooted) that’ll help you feel like 2020 was all a bad dream.

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


“In West Philadelphia born and raised…” if you know the lyrics to this entire song, you know just how comforting watching this old-school sitcom can be. It reminds us of an easier time when the biggest worry was whether Uncle Phil would get mad at Will’s latest hijinks. Available on HBO Max.

2. Saved by the Bell

The recently-released reboot of everyone’s favorite sitcom is exactly what we think of when we consider nostalgic television. Whether its release has inspired you to go back to original version of the show or jump into the rebooted version, we imagine you’re going to be so excited to catch up with the Bayside gang. Available on Peacock TV.

3. Full House + Fuller House​

Fuller House, which is the Full House reboot is the perfect nostalgic-but-still-fresh pick. The original show was always a wonderful palate cleanser of sorts, a show that can help you calm down after a stressful day. I imagine the reboot will have the same wholesome vibe, which is kind of perfect right now. File this under: Shows your little ones will love too. Available on Netflix.

4. Sister, Sister

Our favorite sibling comedy is the perfect chance to be reminded of how charming the Mowry sisters are. Also, it just might help you remember what sibling rivalry feels like so you can better understand your own kids’ fights… just saying. Available on Netflix.

5. The Baby-Sitter’s Club

I devoured the books in this series as a kid—even then, I recognized and appreciated Ann M. Martin’s commitment to making her cast of characters a diverse one. I imagine that sort of conscious thinking will translate into the reboot. And the fact that it centers around a group of young girls who become entrepreneurs? It doesn’t get much more inspirational than that. This one would be perfect for mamas to watch with their kids. Available on Netflix.

6. Boy Meets World + Girl Meets World

No matter how much time goes by, Cory and Topanga will always have one of the best love stories of all time. You can watch their early days on Disney+, which has the original Boy Meets World catalogue, or catch up them as a married couple (with kids!) on the reboot, Girl Meets World. Available on Disney+.

7. High School Musical: The Series

The High School Musical movies were wildly popular back in the day. Don’t lie, you definitely memorized the choreography to “We’re All in This Together” too. No? Just me? Regardless, the TV series based on the movie series is one you’ll play “for your kids to watch”… only to end up enjoying it as much as they do. Available on Disney+.

8. Selena: The Series

The film of the same name was a total classic back in the day, and the tragic story of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez is as heartbreaking and compelling as ever. I am so excited to watch this deeper dive into her life’s story (as much as I’ll miss the magic of Jennifer Lopez stepping into the titular role). Available on Netflix.

9. Gilmore Girls

Has there ever been a better mother-daughter duo than Lorelai and Rory? Catching up with this incredible twosome now that you’re a mama yourself is the perfect bit of nostalgia. And don’t forget, a four-episode reboot of this show is available on Netflix as well.

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