20 Best Space Movies For Kids To Watch


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The space is an exciting and fascinating domain. We often hear of new discoveries about the various aspects of our galaxy. Each discovery brings new facts and deepens several mysteries. Presenting these mysteries as a movie elevates the experience of learning about space.

Science fiction (sci-fi) and space films increase children’s enthusiasm towards space science and the solar system. In this post, we compile a list of best space movies for kids to keep young viewers engaged and entertained.

20 Space Movies For Kids

1. Star Warsseries

The Star Wars series began in 1977 and has since become an iconic movie franchise. The original movie told the story of Luke Skywalker and his team, who set out to save the galaxy from the villainous Darth Vader. Despite being more than 40 years old, the franchise has given several interesting movies that children will enjoy.

Children will love the moral values imparted by the films, the captivating storyline, exciting twists and turns, new concepts, and incredible special effects. The right mix of these makes the Star Warsseries one of the most loved ones to date.

Recommended Age: 6+ years

Available on: Netflix

2. Fantastic Fourseries

Four astronauts attain superpowers when exposed to the cosmic rays of outer space on a science mission. They develop incredible powers, such as stretching like an elastic, being invisible, burning like a human torch, and endurance due to a stone-like body. Together, they fight to keep their city free of dark forces.

We liked how these friends stick together in the series despite their differences. Children will love the special effects of the film, especially those depicting outer space. The amazing cast of the movie is also a bonus.

Recommended Age: 9+ years

Available on: Amazon, Netflix, andYouTube

3. Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me to the Moon is a CGI-animated comedy movie that tells the story of three adventurous houseflies, who stowaway aboard Apollo 11 and travel to the Moon, thus creating history. The story tells how the houseflies (now spaceflies!) use their small size to their advantage and help fix an electrical problem in the spacecraft. Eventually, the flies come to know of a plan to sabotage the space mission. The trio set out to save the mission, the astronauts, and themselves.

Children will enjoy the adorably animated flies and their various antics. The story even highlights the achievements of the first human landing on the Moon in an educational and exciting way.

Recommended Age: 6+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

4. Space Chimps

This super-fun animated film tells the story of three chimpanzees sent on a space mission to explore the possibility of alien life. The film’s protagonist is Ham III, the fictional great-grandson of Ham, the first chimp in space. Ham and his mates land themselves on a planet only to realize there is more to it than meets the eye. The three chimp astronauts help save the planet’s inhabitants from a ruthless dictator while also completing their mission.

This adventurous story is a one-of-its-kind experience, which keeps us glued to the screen. Children will love the three chimps’ honest attempts to discover and save a new planet. This movie is also is a tribute to the real Ham.

Recommended Age: 6+ years

Available on: Amazon

5. Mars Needs Moms

The movie, loosely based on Berkeley Breathed’s book Mars Needs Moms, tells the story of a boy named Milo who boards a Martian spaceship to save his mother, who has been kidnapped by aliens. When on Mars, Milo befriends another human, Gribble, whose mom was also taken by the Martians when he was a baby. Together, they rescue Milo’s mother before it is too late.

The film is beautifully animated with amazing voice acting. Children will love the fascinating plot of a child exploring space alone and meeting aliens along the way.

Recommended Age: 7+ years

Available on: Amazon and Disney+

6. The IMAX Space Collection

This series of IMAX documentaries take us through outer space and give us glimpses of our Earth. Featuring brilliant videos, such as “Blue Planet,””Destiny in Space,””The Dream is Alive,””Mission to MIR,” and “Hail Columbia,” it is an absolute treat to watch for both children and adults.

These documentaries are a treasure trove for space enthusiasts as they give us insights on space stations, space programs, and planets. The dynamic cinematography and narration nudge children to unravel the universe’s mysteries.

Recommended Age: 9+ years

Available on: Amazon

7. Earth To Echo

This American sci-fi adventure film is shot in a found-footage style and revolves around four neighborhood friends who accidentally stumble upon a telekinetic, robotic alien called Echo. During their course to save Echo, they are tracked by dangerous forces who want to hunt them down.

The film features a heart-warming tale of friendship and perseverance. Children will also love the adorable little alien Echo.

Recommended Age: 7+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

8. John Carter

The movie is about a war veteran, John Carter, who finds himself suddenly awakened on the Mars’ region called Barsoom to face an unexpected adventure. Reluctantly dragged into the ongoing conflict between the red planet’s inhabitants, John rediscovers his humanity and tries to help the inhabitants when he realizes that they are on the brink of extinction.

The movie depicts both the emotional and physical journey of John, which is very touching. The breath-taking visuals and gripping storyline make it an exciting watch.

Recommended Age: 12+ years

Available on: Amazon and Disney+

9. Zathura: A Space Adventure

Zathura revolves around two brothers who accidentally stumble upon an old and tattered magical board game. They, along with their house and family members, are eventually teleported into outer space. To return home safely, the siblings need to finish playing the board game.

The movie is about growing up together, family goals, and life lessons set within its charming space story. This movie has its share of humor, making it a great film for adults and children alike.

Recommended Age: 11+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

10. Escape From Planet Earth

The movie is about a group of aliens from the planet Baab led by an astronaut named Scorch. The aliens land on Earth only to realize they are in hostile territory. Humans capture the aliens to study them, but the aliens from Baab are smart. Scorch and his team escape only to find humans in their hot pursuit.

The movie has a simple plot, which is easy for even the youngest audience members to understand. Overall, the space movie for kids is funny, well animated, and features well-designed characters.

Recommended Age: 5+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

11. Titan A.E.

The movie begins with the Earth destroyed by blue aliens made from an energy called Drej. A character named Professor Sam Tucker escapes with Titan, a spacecraft that is the last hope for humanity, while sending his son Cale on an evacuation ship. For 15 years, the surviving humans keep wandering in space, until one day they create a planet of their own.

The animation style of the movie is a mix of CGI and traditional hand-made animations. This space movie provides a surreal experience for children with a keen interest in sci-fi and space movies.

Recommended Age: 9+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

12. Planet 51

What happens when humans become aliens? The movie depicts a role reversal where humans are the aliens visiting a strange planet. The story begins with Captain Chuck Baker landing on Planet 51, which he believes is unoccupied. But, the astronaut is greeted by a super-intelligent civilization, who now wants to capture the human.

The movie is an absolute delight to watch for kids, while the animations and dubbing of the characters are a significant bonus.

Recommended Age: 5+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

13. Wall-E

This movie is one of Pixar’s masterpieces. This story revolves around a trash-compacting robot named Wall-E who has to clean Earth. Humans no longer live on Earth and have departed onboard a ship called Axiom. Later, they send a reconnaissance robot called Eve to Earth. Wall-E meets Eve, and the two travel to Axiom, where they team up with the Captain of the Axiom to make Earth home again. But their journey home is not easy, for they have to battle a rogue robot.

The movie won the Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature in 2008. Children will love the adorable robot and his funny yet emotional relationship with Eve. The space movie for kids also imparts subtle lessons on the importance of environmental protection.

Recommended Age: 4+ years

Available on:  Amazon and Disney+

14. Spark: A Space Tail

The animated movie tells the story of Spark, a monkey, and his planet,which has been destroyed by a vicious general Zhong whose aim is to take over the entire universe. Zhong tries to use his powerful weapon to conquer other planets. The movie shows how Spark and his friends prevent Zhong from destroying the universe.

Though it is a simple story, the presentation, animations, and characters make this a good watch. Children will love Spark and his various antics through this space movie.

Recommended Age: 4+ years

Available on: Amazon

15. Guardians Of The Galaxy

The movie is based on the comic book of the same name and tells the story of a group of ragtag spacefaring superheroes unofficially known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. The group is led by Peter, a human. Peter and alien friends Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket set out to defeat the evil alien warlord named Ronan. The Guardians need to find a way to prevent Ronan from laying his hands on the super-powerful gem known as Power Stone that would grant him destructible powers.

Children would love the fast-paced action sequences, animations, well-timed humor, and music in the movie.

Recommended Age: 8+ years

Available on: Amazon and Disney+

16. Space Buddies

The space buddies bring back the 1990s era theme of golden retrievers achieving remarkable things. The movie is about a group of puppies that follow their owner friend on a school’s field trip to a space center. The puppies climb into a new rocket and start playing imaginary astronauts when the rocket suddenly blasts off. What forms the story’s crux is how these pups launch into space, destined for Moon.

The space movie is a delightful furry adventure for all ages. The graphics and the theme of the film are loved by one and all.

Recommended Age: 4+ years

Available on: Amazon

17. Space Jam

Space Jam is one of the most lovable space movies of its time. The story is aboutaliens trying to abduct several Looney Tunes characters, including Bug Bunny. However, the Looney Tunes characters are smart and challenge the aliens to a match of basketball. The aliens agree to leave, but before being beaten in a basketball match. Thus, to save the Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny approaches the basketball superstar Michael Jordan, who eventually plays on behalf of the Looney Tunes.

This space movie for kids has a simple plot, which is easy for most children to understand. The soundtrack, the Looney Tunes characters, and Michael Jordan’s presence make it a popular and watchable film.

Recommended Age: 5+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

18. Apollo 11

The documentary features archived real footage of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. It is great for children who love watching real footage of space. It comprises the spellbinding, actual videos of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. Viewers learn of the trials, challenges, and triumphs faced by the team during the mission.

The documentary is entirely composed of footage, which is 50 years old, thus making this space movie a fascinating one. Children of all age groups will love this documentary film.

Recommended Age: 5+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

19. Apollo 13

Any space movie list is incomplete without the mention of Apollo 13. The movie is based on the eponymous aborted Apollo 13 lunar space mission of 1970. The movie tells the story of the near-fatal spacemission, its astronauts, their families, and how the team at NASA race against time to save their best astronauts.

The movie has several fascinating visuals and nail-biting moments. It even has the right mix of fun, comedy, and compassion, which children with love.

Recommended Age: 10+ years

Available on: Amazon andNetflix

20. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

The film was released in 1982 and has become an icon since then. E.T. tells the story of a lovable alien who is left behind on Earth. Later, he befriends a young boy, and together, they set out on a roller-coaster adventure ride. The movie has some amazing special effects for its time, and they are still amazing today.

The movie tells a heart-rending tale of loyalty and friendship that will be loved and appreciated by children of all ages.

Recommended Age: 7+ years

Available on: Amazon and Netflix

Space holds so many mysteries. These space movies for kids attempt to explore what we know of space, along with a touch of imagination. Have fun this weekend watching these exciting movies. They also provide great joy, excitement, and stoke a child’s interest in enthusiasm for space. Pick a space movie that your child is likely to love the most or watch one every weekend. Happy virtual spacefaring!

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