This game-changing skin care combo is my secret to soft winter skin


Winter is coming and my skin is feeling it. It seems like everyone I know has a solid skin care routine for their face, but they tend to forget about their body. Yet, every single season change, I end up slathering on lotion after showers in a quest to quench my dry winter skin—and sometimes it helps, but it never lasts through the morning.

Until I found this genius skin care combo: Esker dry brush and restorative oil. While it might sound like a looooot of effort, it really only takes about five minutes total. And, it’s my saving grace in the colder months.

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like and it has a ton of great benefits. Personally, my skin feels incredibly soft after I gently exfoliate away the top layer of skin with each stroke. It also helps to detoxify by boosting blood circulation and, if done properly, promoting lymphatic drainage (I definitely see a decrease in puffiness).

And the experts agree. “To sum it up in one word, the main benefit of regularly dry brushing is detoxing,” says Shannon Davenport, founder of Esker. “When you’re dry brushing correctly, it aids in draining the lymphatic system, helping to release toxins from the body and to promote lymph circulation. Lymph is a fluid that exists in vessels that circulate around the body. It carries immune cells that help the body’s cells survive, but this fluid also carries metabolic waste, which dry brushing can help eliminate from the body.”

Davenport says dry brushing has also been known to reduce the appearance of cellulite, too. And some people say it energizes them so they love to do it in the morning. For me, I find it relaxing so I prefer to do it in the evening. Totally your preference, mama!

How do you dry brush?

About once a week, before I hop in the shower or a bath, I use the dry brush all over starting from my feet and working my way up. The key? Using long, slow movements and brushing everything outward. It’s important to use a little less pressure on more sensitive areas, like the chest or neck.

I love the Esker dry brush because it’s made of grass tree wood and has super soft all-natural bristles that don’t scratch my sensitive skin, but are firm enough to really exfoliate. Its brush handle is long enough to reach even the trickiest spots (looking at you, mid-back) and I love its twine handle that makes it easy to grasp.

After you’re done, take a shower or bath to wash away the exfoliated skin and then lather up afterward to lock in the moisture. Your skin will be as soft as your baby’s—trust me. My pick? Esker’s restorative oil. At first, I was hesitant to use an oil all over my body but this one doesn’t leave any oily residue or clog my pores. With pure carrot seed, jojoba oil and and squalane, it smells delicious and works to reduce fine lines while keeping me silky smooth. Bonus: I definitely notice my skin looks brighter and healthier after using it for a few days.

Is it safe to dry brush during pregnancy?

Celebrity aesthetician and dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar says mamas-to-be should avoid the belly if they dry brush. “It’s called dry brushing for a reason as there’s no moisture involved. Therefore, moms should avoid dry brushing their belly because we want to nurture, moisturize and nourish belly skin as it expands,” she says.

And if you’re struggling with pruritus, that itching sensation, you’re more at risk to be overly aggressive with the brush to find relief. “Dry brushing can also be too harsh and can irritate skin that is already dry and stretching. It’s best to exfoliate your belly with a creamy exfoliant and hydrate with plenty of creams and oils.”

Esker dry brush

esker dry brush

The perfect blend of soft bristles with just enough firmness to really do its job. Plus, it looks great sitting out (or hanging up thanks to its hook).

Esker restorative oil

esker restorative oil

An award-winning oil packed full of natural ingredients, designed to balance and moisturize the skin. It’s a staple in my skin care routine now. If you’re pregnant, moms-to-be love this soothing belly oil.

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