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Imaginations flourish from reading. Whether it’s reading independently or a shared read at bedtime, curling up with a good book is important. Mastermind Toys isn’t all games and play—it’s one of the nation’s leading children’s bookstores, too. Give the gift of adventure and creativity with some of its experts’ favourite new titles. Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure, $18, mastermindtoys.com; Where’s Waldo? The Boredom Buster Book!, $18, mastermindtoys.com; Class Act, $16, mastermindtoys.com; I Promise, $25, mastermindtoys.com; What We’ll Build, $24, mastermindtoys.com.

Family-friendly jigsaw puzzles

Mastermind Toys jigsaw puzzles

Not only are puzzles perfect for families to tackle together, but they help develop kids’ visual-spatial processing skills and boost concentration and memory. Plus, is there anything more satisfying than poking in that final piece? Unplug and spend time piecing together their favourite Pixar characters, or keep the fun going with puzzles you can interact with even after they’re fully assembled. The Scratch OFF World Travel Map lets kids colour-code the countries they’ve already visited or plan to visit, while the Wrebbit Harry Potter™ 3D Puzzle Knight Bus can be toured around to spark imagination. Wrebbit Harry Potter™ 3D Puzzle – The Knight Bus, $30, mastermindtoys.com; Ravensburger Baby Yoda 500pc Puzzle, $22, mastermindtoys.com; Ravensburger Disney·Pixar Toy Story 4: Made to Play 35pc Puzzle, $17, mastermindtoys.com; Scratch OFF World Travel Map 1000pc, $25, mastermindtoys.com; Owl Toys Astronaut 4-in-1 Evolutionary Puzzle, $15, mastermindtoys.com.

Packed-with-fun stocking stuffers

A selection of Mastermind Toys stocking stuffers

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