29 best toys for little kids


From a Transformers Bumblebee action figure to a DIY firefly kit, we recruited real families to test and approve some of the year’s biggest toy launches

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From a Transformers Bumblebee action figure to a DIY firefly kit, we recruited real families to test and approve some of the year’s biggest toy launches and come up with our top 29 picks that your little kid will love.

 1. Brio Pinball Challenge  

Image Courtesy of Brio

Play pinball head-to-head with this exciting game that brings together the worlds of pinball and soccer. Use the flippers to knock the metal marble into the other player’s goal. Once you get the hang of it, add some spinners to the mix for an even greater challenge. Brio, $70, mastermindtoys.com 

2. Nerf Power Moves Marvel Avengers Iron Man Repulsor Blast 

Image Courtesy of Hasbro

Harness the power of Iron Man’s armoured super suit with this awesome arm cannon that lets you fire projectile darts with the flick of your wrist. Just aim at your target and raise your palm in classic Iron Man style. But remember: Never aim at eyes or faces! Hasbro, $24, amazon.ca 

3. Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures Trooper Class Bumblebee

Image Courtesy of Hasbro

Team up with Bumblebee as he and the other Autobots fight to stop the evil Decepticons from taking over the Cyberverse. With the new Battle Call feature, Bumblebee will light up with Energon power upon hearing your voice—just attach his blue Energon armour and you’ll be ready to join the battle. Hasbro, $35, amazon.ca

4. Super Mario Adventures With Mario Starter Course 

Image Courtesy of Lego

Build your own Super Mario stage with this awesome new kit from Nintendo and Lego. Mario makes bouncing noises as he jumps from brick to brick and knows if he’s on grass(green bricks), water (blue bricks) or fire (red bricks). Collect coins as you go and try to beat your high score! Lego, $70, lego.com

5. Beaker Creatures Monster Glow Lab 

Image Courtesy of Learning Resources

Halloween may be over, but you can still celebrate your kid’s love of spooky monsters with this chemistry kit. Create your own glowing slime and cobwebs with more than 20 science experiments to try, and discover fun science facts about bioluminescence, the trait that makes certain plants and animals glow in the dark! Learning Resources, $35, eduservlearningadventures.com

6. Botley the Coding Robot 2.0

Image Courtesy of Learning Resources

Botley the Coding Robot is back and better than ever. Just like the original, this little buddy will teach your kid how to code without the use of a screen. Kids can program Botley 2.0 to act like different things, such as a train and a ghost. They can also test their memory with a game of Botley Says. Learning Resources, $115, walmart.ca 

7. Tobi Robot Smartwatch 

Image Courtesy of Little Tikes

Tobi the Robot touchscreen smartwatch does it all. It’s packed with games, two cameras, walkie-talkie and emoji messaging between watches. Kids can swipe the screen to activate Tobi mode and watch as it pulls faces and moves its arms and legs to express its mood! Little Tikes, $70, toysrus.ca

8. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Surround Batcave

Image Courtesy of Mattel

Join Batman and Robin in the Batcave as they prepare for a mission to fight crime and defeat the evil Joker. With more than 200 sounds and phrases and three different ways to play, the Batcave’s interactive control centre will help you and your superhero friends get all set for a big adventure! Mattel, $200, toysrus.ca 

9. Valley of Vikings 

Image Courtesy of Haba

It’s time for the valley’s annual barrel-bowling contest! To win, you have to capture the most gold coins by knocking down barrels and moving along the docks. You’ll have to be strategic, though, otherwise, you’ll fall off the docks and right into the water. Haba, $40, dillydallykids.ca 

10. Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark’s Treasure

Go on a special unboxing adventure with Treasure X. Rescue the surprise treasure hunter from the shark’s mouth and then help them dissect the shark to find the tools to turn it into the ultimate Battle Shark steed! And keep an eye out for the golden treasure—could it be locked up in the fizzing treasure chest? The Red Planet Group, $30, walmart.ca 

11. Tac Tac Jack

Image Courtesy of Foxmind

Timber! In this fun balancing game, players use an axe to put their lumberjacking skills to the test. Give the log a couple of taps to collect pieces of bark and score points. But don’t swing too hard—knocking down a piece of the log’s core will bring your score down. Foxmind, $25, amazon.ca 

12. Scooby-Doo! Adventure In the Mystery Mansion 

Image Courtesy of Playmobil

It’s time to solve the mystery of this haunted mansion, which is filled with trap doors, hidden passageways and even a sliding staircase. Join Scooby and the gang as they unlock the secret behind the ghosts that haunt these halls. Playmobil, $130, playmobil.ca 

13. Ravel Tales

Image Courtesy of Sunny Days Entertainment

This clever toy puts a new spin on the surprise unboxing trend by having kids unwind a ball of yarn to find 12 different surprises. After you’re done unwinding, the yarn can be used for craft projects like friendship bracelets. Sunny Days Entertainment, $13, walmart.ca 

14. Last One Lost 

Image Courtesy of Foxmind

This clever game may look simple—and it is!— but that doesn’t mean it can’t provide hours of fun. The goal is pretty straightforward: Don’t be the player to press down the last bubble. Each round lasts only a few minutes, but you’ll be begging for a rematch when it’s over. Foxmind, $10, amazon.ca 

15. Itty Bitty Pretty Tea Party Surprise 

Image Courtesy of Zuru

Tea party, anyone? Each doll in this line comes with 12 surprises to unwrap, a real usable teacup and a saucer that doubles as a doll stand! With 13 dolls to collect, you’ll be begging for another cuppa the second you finish unwrapping. Let’s get this par-tea started, shall we? Zuru, $15, walmart.ca 

16. Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Set 

Image Courtesy of Spinmaster

Create colourful sand explosions when you layer Kinetic Sand into the extruder and push it through the six different shapers. With more than two pounds of sand in the three primary colours, there are tons of satisfying combinations to mix up! Spinmaster, $25, indigo.ca 

17. Fish Club  

Image Courtesy of Blue Orange Games

This new twist on a classic game has you helping two feuding fish families battle it out for the best spot in the aquarium. Drop in your fish and try to make a group of five to claim the prize. But be warned: There’s no grid in this tank, so fish will bounce around in unexpected ways— plus, sea creatures will try to block your fish buddies from teaming up. Who’s ready to get schooled? Blue Orange Games, $28, indigo.ca 

18. Make Your Own Firefly Light

Image Courtesy of Creativity for Kids

Summer may be long gone, but you can still enjoy the magic of a jar full of fireflies with this fun DIY kit. Colour your own shrink-film fireflies and watch them dance in the jar with the provided LED twinkle lights. The soft glow of the jar will bring back warm summer memories—and it makes a great night light, too! Creativity for kids, $20, mastermindtoys.com 

19. Craft-Tastic Make Your Own Surprise Balls 

Image Courtesy of Ann Williams

Surprise your friends with a cute BFF charm bracelet or a note that says “You rock!” wrapped inside these adorable surprise balls that you decorate yourself. This kit comes with streamers, stickers and props made from paper and glitter foam to make cute friends like a party panda, a koala and tasty ice cream cone. Ann Williams, $30, toysrus.ca 

20. L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix 4-In-1 Plane 

Image Courtesy of L.O.L. Surprise!

Get ready for a remix because this plane is about to take off! Jet around the world, and when you land, the plane trans- forms into a car, a recording studio and a mixing booth. With more than 50 surprises to unwrap, reclining chairs and enough room for four L.O.L. Surprise! dolls of any size, you’ll be flying, riding and recording in style! L.O.L. Surprise!, $140, toysrus.ca 

21. Power Treads 

Image Courtesy of Wowwee

Tread where no one else dares with this new all- surface vehicle that can rip, roll and ride over almost anything you put in its path. Combine the modular track set with things around your house to create and build more than 1,000 epic courses to conquer—the only limit is your imagination! Wowwee, $40, indigo.ca 

22. Kidizoom Creator Cam

Image Courtesy of Vtech

Want to be an online video sensation? This digital camera lets kids create and edit high-definition videos. Use the green screen to make yourself disappear or put yourself in front of more than 20 different animated backgrounds. And, parents, don’t worry about accidental uploads; videos can go online only via the provided USB cable. Vtech, $80, walmart.ca

23. Squeakee 

Image Courtesy of The Red Planet Group

Squeakee the balloon dog may look like a balloon, but this interactive toy is much more. Tickle his tummy to make him happy, or feed him using his air pump to hear him inflate.You can also train him to do tricks— he responds to both your voice and the sound of his special squeaker toy. The Red Planet Group, $80, walmart.ca 

24. Rubik’s Revolution

Image Courtesy of Super Impulse

Follow the blinking lights! In this re-imagining of the classic Rubik’s cube, players race to click the flashing buttons as fast as they can, depending on which of the six different game modes they’re playing. It even has a multiplayer mode that’s perfect for family game night. Can you hit a new high score? Super Impulse, $32, indigo.ca 

25. Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers 

Image Courtesy of Spinmaster

This pixie is ready to fly! Watch her glittery wings start to spin as she lifts up and begins to dance in the air. Now the magic is in your hands, literally—just wave your hand underneath her feet to harness the pixie power and guide her flight. Spinmaster, $40, walmart.ca 

26. Farm World Veterinarian Practice with Pets 

Image Courtesy of Schleich

Calling all animal lovers! This vet practice needs your help to nurse these sick pets back to full health. Place each animal on the examination table and figure out what needs your TLC. And once they’re healthy enough, they can finish their recovery out in the field. Schleich, $60, indigo.ca 

27. Oh My Gourd! 

Image Courtesy of Ravensburger

Try your hand at gourd growing in this game that has you tending a garden to make the biggest gourd possible. You’ll have to work to keep trouble away, though, because cunning critters, harmful weeds and the mean Mr. Frost want to stunt your gourd’s growth. Can you keep it from withering away on the vine? Ravensburger, $30, amazon.ca

28. Hot Wheels Monster Truck Scorpion Sting Raceway 

Image Courtesy of Mattel

Beware of the giant scorpion! Zip around the track at high speeds while avoiding the grip of the scorpion’s claws and massive stinger. But watch out—your Hot Wheels cars will have to team up with some monster trucks to take down this menacing creature. Mattel, $50, walmart.ca 

29. Air Hogs Stunt Shot 

Image Courtesy of Spinmaster

Stuck indoors? No problem. This remote control stunt car has big and soft foam wheels so kids can send it flying down the stairs or across the dining table and onto the couch without the grown-ups worrying about anything in the house getting broken. Win! Spinmaster, $40, walmart.ca 

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