TIPS | 5 Ways To Occupy Your Baby (While Occupying Yourself!)

We’ll admit it.. little babies can get a little boring sometimes! They can’t do much, but they can enjoy these 5 fun activities with you. Subscribe to WUM for new vids M-W-F!

1. Conference Call: They say the more words a baby hears before they’re 3 years old, the higher their IQ. It can be hard having a conversation when they’re not talking back. Try calling someone else and place the phone on speak and look at your baby while you talk on the phone.
2. Workout Buddies: Babies like to be stretched after being cramped in the womb. Spend 5-10 minutes doing kicks and lunges while you look at your baby or hold them.
3. Spa Day: Play relaxing music and light some candles while giving your baby a bath.
4. Dance Party: Get your fix of the top 40. Lip sync and dance parties in front of the mirror.
5. Multi-Tasking: Try to make a game of things you need to get done (ie laundry).

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