100 Heavenly, Beautiful Kashmiri Names For Girls And Boys 


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“Kashmiriyat” refers to “Kashmiriness,” which is the medley of social and ethnonational consciousness and cultural values. It reflects in the beautiful Kashmiri names, too. In the “Paradise on Earth,” the names of girls and boys are generally coined to encapsulate the region’s rich heritage.

Kashmiris come up with sweet and exquisite names, and these names have deep meanings. Some of their nicknames and surnames are common among Muslims and Hindus. This post includes a list of 100 beautiful Kashmiri names with their origins, meanings, and variants.

Beautiful Kashmiri Names For Girls, With Meanings

Here are a few Kashmiri girls’ names that you may consider for your angel. 

1. Aasha

The sweet Kashmiri name “Aasha” refers to “hope.”

2. Aisha

It is a Muslim name of Arabic origin, meaning “alive.”

3. Bareen

The Persian origin name “Bareen” means “the highest” or “supreme.”

4. Chandrakanta

The old yet powerful name “Chandrakanta” means “the moon,” “the wife of the moon,” or “the moonstone.”

5. Didda

Didda Rani was the ruler and queen of Kashmir from 980 to 1003 CE. If you want your little girl to have her influence or characteristics, you can name her “Didda.”

6. Daneen

It is an old Arabic name  meaning princess. “Daneen” is a graceful name for a girl.

7. Dayanita

A beautiful Kashmiri name for a girl, “Dayanita” means “merciful.”

8. Eshal

A soft and elegant name, “Eshal” has its origins in Urdu and refers to “the flower in heaven.”

9. Erum

It is a Muslim name of Persian origin and means “heaven.”

10. Gauhar

“Gauhar” has its origin in Persia and means “a gem.” If your little girl is a gem for you, “Gauhar” can be a lovely name.

11. Haniya

It is a feminine name of Arabic origin. “Haniya” or “Hania” means “joyous.”

12. Heeposh

The sweet and lovely name “Heeposh” is suitable for a girl. It means “jasmine flower.”

13. Iksha

“Iksha” is a delightful name meaning “sight.” It is suitable for a Kashmiri girl with beautiful eyes.

14. Inaya

It is a feminine form of the name “Inayat.” “Inaya” in Arabic means “care,” “concern,” or “solicitude.”

15. Iravati

The ancient name “Iravati” means river Ravi. Also, “Iravati” is one of the wives of Rudra.

16. Janan

The name “Janan” is pleasing to the ears. It has its origins in Arabic and means “heart” or “soul.”

17. Kashifa

The Muslim name “Kashifa” has its origins in Arabic and means “one who reveals.”

18. Kaiynat

It refers to “the universe” or “all being.” “Kaiynat” is a classic name for a girl. 

19. Kanval

The Muslim name “Kanval” refers to “a flower.” Pick this name if your little girl is soft and delicate like a pretty flower.

20. Kapila

It is a Hindu name for a girl and refers to “the name of a celestial cow.” In the Hindu religion, a cow is considered holy, so the name “Kapila” sounds sacred.

21. Kongposh

The adorable and unique name “Kongposh” refers to the “saffron flower.”

22. Lakshita

The Kashmiri name “Lakshita” means “distinguished” or “unique.”

23. Madhunisha

The name “Madhunisha” is full of grace, and it refers to “a pleasant night.”

24. Mahnoor

It is a Muslim Kashmiri name for a girl that refers to “moonlight.”

25. Mahrosh

It is a Muslim name often used by Kashmiris. “Mahrosh” refers to “a piece of the moon.”

26. Narendraprabha

She was the Kashmiri queen of Pratapaditya-II. If you want your girl to be brave and excude royalty, “Narendraprabha” seems to be the perfect name.

27. Nonikaa

The Sanskrit name “Nonikaa” means “a little girl.” It sounds sweet and is suitable for a cute girl.

28. Parajika

It’s a Hindu name, commonly used among Kashmiris. “Parajika” refers to “a raagini in Indian music.”

29. Pareeha

It is a variant of the Arabic name “Fariha,” which means “happiness.”

30. Parisa

The Persian name “Parisa” means “like a fairy.”

31. Ranjeeta

The name “Ranjeeta” means “adorned.”

32. Reyhana

It is a common Muslim name given to girls. “Reyhana” refers to “a sweet-smelling flower from paradise.”

33. Ruhani

The Sanskrit word “Ruhani” refers to “spiritual.” TIt’s a pretty name for a girl.

34. Sajili

The Sanskrit name “Sajili” means “decorated” or “adorned.”

35. Shahnoor

It is a girl’s name in Islam and means “royal glow.” It’s a unique and pretty name.

36. Sheen

The name “Sheen” means “peaceful” and has Irish origins. It is an appropriate name for a girl whose smile gives you immense peace.

37. Shuhul

The Kashmiri name “Shuhul” means “kind.”

38. Sonth

It means “spring” and is an uncommon yet lovely name for a girl.

39. Sugra

The Arabic name “Sugra” or “Sughra” refers to “small.” Not many have used this name, so your little girl can be lucky to have it as a unique name.

40. Sulla

The name “Sulla” sounds classic and means “fortunate.” If you think you have been blessed with a baby girl, then “Sulla” is a suitable choice.

41. Tahira

The Arabic origin name “Tahira” sounds classic and means “pure.”

42. Taqdees

The elegant name “Taqdees” refers to “purity” in Islam.

43. Tarannum

The name “Tarannum” means “melody” and is suitable for a pretty girl.

44. Umika

It is a unique name usually given to Hindu girls. “Umika” is one of the names of Goddess Parvati.

45. Vanalika

The feminine name “Vanalika” means “sunflower.”

46. Veena

It is a popular name given to girls. “Veena” is a musical instrument that is also known to be in the hands of Goddess Saraswati.

47. Wahida

It is an Arabic name with multiple meanings, including “unique,” “sole,” and “one.”

48. Yasomati

The Hindu name“Yasomati” means “successful lady.”

49. Ziya

The Arabic name “Ziya” means “light.” It is a common name among Muslims and is suitable for both a girl and a boy.

50. Zoon

It is quite a soothing name for a girl and refers to “the moon.” The variant of “Zoon” can be “Zooni.” Both the names sound sweet.

Beautiful Kashmiri Names For Boys, With Meanings

Here are some Kashmiri names for boys that you can consider for your soon-to-arrive or newly arrived son. 

51. Abhinanda

“Abhinanda” means “to rejoice,” “to celebrate,” “welcome,” or “delight.”

52. Amarendra

This royal Hindu name for a boy refers to “the king of the gods.”

53. Abdul Aziz

The Muslim Kashmiri name “Abdul Aziz” means “the servant of the beloved.”

54. Atraiu

It is a Hindu name for a boy and means “a great warrior.”

55. Bahir

If your baby boy dazzles you with his charm, “Bahir” would be a suitable name as it means “brilliant.”

56. Bansi

“Bansi” means “flute” in Hindi.

57. Charanpal

It means “protection under the lotus feet of the Guru.” The name “Charanpal” is common among Kashmiris and Sikhs.

58. Chinmay

The simple yet sweet name “Chinmay” refers to “the supreme being.”

59. Deep

If your baby boy is the light of your family, “deep” can be a suitable name. It means “lamp.” 

60. Ekaksha

It is one of the names of “Lord Shiva” and means “one-eyed.” You can name your son “Ekaksha” to seek blessings from God.

61. Eshin

The Buddhist name “Eshin” means “understanding mind” or “wisdom mind” and is a common baby boy name in Kashmir.

62. Firasah

The Islamic name “Firasah” has Arabic origins and is chosen as a Kashmiri name for boys. It means “an insight of God.”

63. Farooque

It is a variant of “Farukh,” which means “fortunate.” It is a common name among the Kashmiris.

64. Ghanim

Your Kashmiri boy can be named “Ghanim,” a unique Islamic name that means “successful.”

65. Girdhari

“Girdhari” is the name of Lord Krishna, who lifted the Govardhan hill as an umbrella to protect his devotees. Kashmiri pandits commonly use this name for their boys.

66. Hareem

It is a pure Islamic name suitable for a boy. “Hareem” refers to “the walls of Kaba” or means “lucky.”

67. Harit

A beautiful Kashmiri name for a boy, “Harit” means “green” or “lush greenery.”

68. Harud

In Kashmiri, “Harud” means “autumn.” If your little boy arrived in the autumn season, what could be a better name than Harud?

69. Imam

The holy name “Imam” in Islam means “leader of a community or a prayer.”

70. Indraghosh

The name has its origin in Sanskrit and means “happiness.” Naming your son “Indraghosh” can bring immense happiness to your home. 

71. Jeevan

The name has its origin in Sanskrit and means “bringer of life” or “life.”

72. Kanak

It’s a beautiful name for a boy, and its variation can be “Kanaka.” “Kanak” refers to “gold.”

73. Kiran

The name “Kiran” is a unisex name meaning  “the rays of the sun” or “sunshine.”

74. Kavin

The pleasant-sounding name “Kavin” means “handsome.” It’s a suitable name for a pretty Kashmiri boy.

75. Mayur

“Mayur” has its origin in Sanskrit and means “peacock.”

76. Mahbeer

The Kashmiri Muslim name “Mahbeer” means “brave.” It’s indeed a mighty name for a boy.

77. Mustafa

In Arabic, “Mustafa” is one of the names of Mohammed. It also means “chosen,” “preferred,” or “appointed.”

78. Narain

It is a variant of the name “Narayana,” reffering to Lord Vishnu. Narain sounds like a modern name.

79. Neeraj

It is a Kashmiri name for a Hindu boy. “Neeraj” means “born from water,” “pearl,” or “lotus.”

80. Nakul

“Nakul” is aprince and one of the Pandavas. It can be a unique name for a Kashmiri boy.

81. Paras

“Paras” is of Indian origin and means “touchstone.”

82. Parveen

It is an Islamic unisex name and means “a cluster of stars” or “expert.”


It’s a unique and beautiful name referring to “ a full moon night.”

84. Purushottam

The Sanskrit name “Purushottam” is common among Kashmiri pandits. It means “the highest” or “the supreme.”

85. Quadir

The Arabic name “Quadir” or “Qadeer” means “brave.”

86. Rehab

The Arabic  name “Rehab” means “generous” or “open-minded.”

87. Rabab

It is a Muslim name for a boy and refers to “a white cloud.”

88. Raheem

It means “merciful” and is a suitable name for a Kashmiri boy.

89. Ravinder

Kashmiris commonly use the Hindu name “Ravinder,” meaning “the sun.”

90. Salsabil

The word “Salsabil” refers to the “spring in paradise.”

91. Satyen

The Sanskrit name “Satyen” means “Lord of the truth.” If you want your son to follow the path of truth, Satyen could be a good choice.

92. Subash

The  Sanskrit name “Subash” means “gift of God.” 

93. Tej Bahadur

The powerful Hindu Kashmiri name “Tej Bahadur” means “radiant and brave person.” It is a common name among Rajputs too.

94. Triloki

It is a classic name for a Kashmiri boy. “Triloki” refers to “Lord Shiva.” If you want the blessings of Shiva on your child, naming him Triloki can be appropriate.

95. Tanka

The uncommon name “Tanka” means “victorious.” It’s an appropriate name for your son.

96. Wazmal

The Arabic name “Wazmal” means “more beautiful” and is a suitable name for a Kashmir boy with beautiful eyes.

97. Wahid

The name “Wahid” is common among Hindu and Muslim Kashmiris. It means “unique.”

98. Utpal

It is not a common name and means “blossoming,” “ water lily,” or “the beginning. “Utpal is a soothing name for a boy.

99. Upendra

It is one of the many names of “Lord Vishnu.” If you wish your son has certain qualities of the Lord or want him to be blessed, you can name him “Upendra.”

100. Zubeen

The Persian word “Zubeen” means “something that touches the sky.” If you want your son to be limitless, naming him “Zubeen” can be apt.

We hope you have shortlisted a few names from our list for your little boy or girl. Pick a name that not only sounds beautiful but also has a story behind it. If you want your Kashmiri child to reflect the Kashmiriyat, then choose a name carefully.

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