9 interior designer tips to create a cozier home this fall


With the hottest summer days behind us, autumn presents the opportunity to layer our homes, add in darker solid colors, and build on a variety of kid-friendly textures. For me, transitioning your home into fall is one of the most rewarding switches in a seasonal calendar.

But when you’re managing a household, working full-time or simply don’t have the energy to think about changing your decor, mamas can be left confused on making the most of the space without spending too much time.

But simple upgrades can pack a punch and make your home cozy with minimal effort. Remember—don’t overthink your decor and spend loads of money refreshing your space. The name of the game is to do what feels right. A few changes and elements can make chilly months comfy and memorable for you and your family.

Here are 9 easy ways to create a cozy home this fall:

1. Decorate with quilts + blankets.

Quilts and plaid blankets are great to have in a playroom or bedroom when the weather is chilly, but they are great for adding warmth to dining rooms, too. Vintage or plaid designs are easily available in flea markets or thrift stores and make for a great addition on your dining table.

Simply throw them over a chair or the corner of your dining room table. As the temperature drops, you’ll be appreciative of the extra warmth during a family meal.

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2. Layer pillows + cushions.

Fall is perfect for layering and one of the simplest ways to do it is by adding pillows and cushions to a room. Having comfy cushions on the floor give you the perfect setting to cuddle in with your little one on a cold night. Pro tip: When decorating your couch or bed in your room, have an odd number of throw pillows to make your accent pillow stand out.

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3. Reupholster sofas with jewel tones.

Sofas and sectionals are arguably the largest item in the highest traffic area of your home. Adding rich, opulent jewel tones to them adds a unique feel without painting your walls or spending lots of money on accessories.

Try reupholstering your couch in vibrant ruby red, emerald green, fuchsia, teal and even orange colors for instant autumn vibes that also hide spills and marker stains from the summer. If you don’t have the money to spend, drape a colorful piece of fabric over your furniture. When summer arrives, swap it with a brighter, softer color.

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4. Add large area rugs.

Walking over soft rugs with your bare feet will make you feel warm and fuzzy. When possible, buy woolen rugs as they are the most durable and tend to be the best quality.

If your home has a warmer color scheme, it might be a good idea to keep the colors of your rug neutral. However, if your decor has muted hues, a brighter area rug is the way to go.

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5. Light candles often.

Our sense of smell influences how we experience our environment. As such, one of the best ways for you to elevate your home during the fall is to light candles with warm, spicy and autumnal fragrances like the Chillhouse palo santo & chill candle or Home of Chiji positive vibes crystal energy candle. They can instantly uplift your mood (and your kiddos) and put you in a calm space.

Additionally, if you don’t have a fireplace, a grouping of candles is a brilliant way to add touches of light throughout your living room. Keep candles as high as possible to avoid children playing with them.

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6. Embrace soft lighting.

With the sun setting earlier in the fall season, the best way to light up your home is with soft or concealed lighting. A well-executed ambient light can make or break a room. Need ideas? For starters, avoid overhead lighting as it can make a room feel cold and harsh.

Instead, light a bunch of scented candles or use subtle, warm-toned LEDs in a table lamp to give your home ample ambient light.

For kitchens, try under cabinet lighting that can double as accent lighting.

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7. Play with plants.

Did you know that having plants in your home can reduce psychological and physiological stress? Seeing peaceful plants around your home will help you feel calm and more at ease throughout the day.

I like adding small cacti and succulents to my desk, or even an indoor palm tree to my living room. If you’re new to #plantlife, opt for plants that don’t require too much care, and of course, are kid-friendly.

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8. Create a reading nook.

The colder months are perfect for reading your favorite book while sipping on a warm cup of tea and snuggling with kids. A reading nook is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to get your home ready for the fall without spending too much money. Simply find a spot and add colorful pillows.

If possible, select a spot next to a window to ensure it’s brightly lit, but also allows you to experiment with colors, textures and layers. It’s the perfect place to settle after a long day.

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9. Texture, texture, texture!

Adding natural, raw materials and fibers in your home can add depth and dimension to rooms. Materials like cane, wood, tweed and embroidery are some of the best ways to incorporate organic texture throughout your home that won’t shed or create more of a mess to clean up.

I love to play with textured baskets—they’re practical (yay for extra storage) and add rustic flair to any setting.

And don’t forget your walls. Applying embossed removable wallpaper in various rooms (especially a playroom) helps a room stand out.

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