Updated: 62 reusable cloth masks for kids


As the wearing of non-medical grade masks slowly becomes part of the new normal, it’s important to find a mask that’s designed to fit smaller faces. Here, we’ve rounded up some washable options that are currently in stock. (Note: with such high demand, inventory depletes regularly and back orders are common. Please check back frequently for availability.)

While these masks will not stop your child from getting coronavirus, health officials in both Canada and the United States have advised that wearing non-medical cloth masks could help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For the most effective use, be sure to practice appropriate mask hygiene after each wear.

1. Peace Collective Kids

Photo courtesy of Peace Collective

These masks are made from machine washable 100 percent cotton. For every pack of masks purchased, the company will donate one mask to a frontline worker. $30/pack of two, peace-collective.com

2. Mayana Genevière

kids wearing face mask in lifestyle shots

Photo courtesy of Mayana Genevière

This intimate apparel company has pivoted to making masks for adults and kids made from a tight knit woven quilters cotton fabric. Suitable for children three and up, these masks are made in Toronto. $19, mayanageneviere.ca


small girl wearing a white mask

Photo courtesy of Together

Breathable, triple-layered, these masks come in four sizes and have a built-in slot for a filter (not included). $15, togethermask.ca

4. Pizi

two young girls playing together while wearing masks

Photo courtesy of Pizi

This Quebec-based company uses local dressmakers to make three-layer masks featuring an anti-bacterial fabric with emojis printed on them. Each week, they will launch new designs on their website. $15, pizimasques.com

5. Weddingstar

kid wearing shark-print mask

Photo courtesy of Weddingstar

This Alberta-based wedding supplier is now making masks for kids with adjustable nose clip and ear straps. Choose from solid coloured or a wide variety of patterns and prints. From $16, weddingstar.ca

6. Kokoro

colourful printed face masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Kokoro

Each mask from this Montreal-based company is made of double layered cotton with adjustable ear elastics and has an interior pocket to insert a filter. For every mask purchased, Kokoro will donate a mask to frontline and essential workers. From $14, wearekokoro.com

7. Dream Designs

cat print masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Dream Design

Sized to fit kids aged six and up, these Vancouver-made masks are fabricated out of two layers of tightly woven organic cotton sateen. For each mask sold, the company will make a donation to a local charity, including the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and The Greater Vancouver Food Bank. $24, dreamdesigns.ca

8. Unbelts

colour kids face masks

Photo courtesy of Unbelts

Shifting from holding your pants up to keeping your face protected, this belt-making company is now making colourful kids masks with adjustable straps that secure behind the head instead of the ears. $49/pack of 3, unbelts.ca

9. Whistle & Flute

kid wearing printed face mask

Photo courtesy of Tiny Trendsetter

This adorable kids clothing brand has extended their collection to include masks that compliment their clothes. Made to best fit kids aged three to 10, partial proceeds from the sale will be donated to COVID-19 relief funds. $40/pack of 3, tinytrendsetter.com

10. Protect Styles

kids masks

Photo courtesy of Protect Styles

These Canadian-made masks are machine-washable polyester and come in adorable prints, like racoon, pizza, Toronto Blue Jays and more. The proceeds from your purchase will go to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Heath (CAMH) in Toronto, Ont. $19, protectstyles.com

11. Smitn Bebe

embroidered kids face masks

Photo courtesy of Smitn Bebe

These beautifully embroidered face masks comes in two sizes: small (for kids ages three to five) and medium (for kids ages five to seven). While you’re shopping, check out the adorable mommy and me clothing collection. $26, smitnbebe.com

12. Narces

leopard print kids face mask

Photo courtesy of Narces

Turn mask-wearing into a glam game of dress up with these adorable kids masks made from repurposed materials from the company’s red carpet gowns. Adjustable straps ensure that masks fit kids ages two to 10. Bonus: most patterns also come in matching adult sizes. $30, narces.com

13. Levelwear

young girl in child mask

Photo courtesy of Levelwear

These three dimensional masks are designed to mould and fit around faces of kids ages six to 12. Made in Canada, these two layers masks are fabricated from cotton twill. $16/pack of two, levelwear.com

14. Community

kids mask

Photo courtesy of commUNITY

Made from Quilter’s Choice cotton, the kids’ version of these masks is best suited for 3- to 11-year-olds. Add a disposable filter (sold separately) for extra protection or wear as is. A dollar from each purchase will go towards Food Banks Canada. $14, communitymasks.ca

15. McCarthy Uniforms

printed kids face masks

Photo courtesy of McCarthy Uniforms

The popular school uniform provider is now dipping their toes in PPE. Working with kids and teens, they co-created a line of masks out of 100 percent Egyptian cotton. $15/pack of six, navyandwhite.ca

16. Mabel’s Labels

kids mask

Photo courtesy of Mabel’s Labels

These masks from the popular label company are designed for kids ages three to 14. Made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, they have a pleated design, soft ear loops and adjustable nose piece. Available in four designs. $19, mabelslabels.ca

17. Old Navy

pack of kids masks

Photo courtesy of Old Navy

This multi-pack comes with five triple-layer cotton poplin face masks designed to fit children four and up. Masks have been made using excess fabrics from Old Navy clothing, which means the prints you receive will be a surprise based on availability. Old Navy is donating 50,000 of these masks to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. $15 for pack of five, oldnavy.ca

18. Hancock masks

colourful pleated masks

Photo courtesy of Hancock Masks

Made from three layers, these classic pleated masks have a plastic coated wire to help shape the mask to contour around tiny faces. Choose from an ear or head elastic. $20, hancockmasks.com

19. Ever Mine Boutique

kids face mask

Photo courtesy of Ever Mine Boutique

These handmade masks are double-layered and reversible. Handmade from 100 percent cotton, they are machine-washable. $15, evermineboutique.com

20. Irish Design House

kids mask

Photo courtesy of Irish Design House

This Toronto-based sewing school is selling masks for the whole family (including kits, so you can make your own!). Made from cotton, the simple pleated design has a filter pouch (filter not included) and a long elastic that stretches across the back of the head—they have included instructions of how to alter the elastic ties if your child wishes to wear it as an ear loop mask instead. $15, theirishdesignhouse.com

21. Puffin Gear

colourful kids face masks

Photo courtesy of The Orange Room

These reusable two-layer woven cotton masks have a gently contoured compression fit under the chin and across the nose, which they claim makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Two soft elastic bands go around the head and hold the mask securely in place. Masks come in adult and kid sizing. $63 for pack of four, theorangeroom.ca

22. The Cutting Edge

young girl wearing face mask in winter

Photo courtesy of The Cutting Edge

These cloth masks are made by the Winnipeg social enterprise, The Cutting Edge. The two-layer 100 percent cotton mask is pleated with soft polyester jersey knit ear loops. $14, shop.lite.mb.ca

23. Mask Buddy Mini

kid in protective face mask

Photo courtesy of Mask Buddy

These cute masks are made from upcycled polyester. For each mask sold, a mask is donated to a front line worker. $6, themaskbuddy.com

24. Olive and Smash

kids bamboo mask

Photo courtesy of Olive and Smash

Made from lightweight bamboo, these masks come in adult and mini-me versions. $20, oliveandsplash.com

25. Gap Kids

kids face masks

Photo courtesy of Gap Canada

These cute kids masks are made from 100 percent printed poplin offcuts from the production of kids clothing. $20/pack of three, gapcanada.ca

26. Kejeo Designs

African-print kids mask

Photo courtesy of Kejeo Designs

Made from 100 percent cotton, these adorable masks feature a unique Cobi African print. Hand or machine-wash mask with cold water and hang to dry between uses. $18, kejeodesigns.com

27. Etsy

cotton and linen toddler face mask

Photo courtesy of Mira and Belle

Etsy is full of local sewers making masks for adults and kids. This toddler-sized mask is designed to fit kids ages two to six. Made from organic cotton and linen, masks are adjustable, so you can get the right fit and don’t pull on tiny ears. Prices vary, etsy.com

28. Handsome and Lace

kids mask

Photo courtesy of Handsome + Lace

These double-layered face masks are handmade by a Toronto designer and can be customized with embroidery (Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and Hello Kitty, to name a few.) They come in kid and parent sizes. $35, handsomeandlace.ca

29. Bien Aller

kids mask

Photo courtesy of Bien Aller

Made in both adult and kid sizes, this cotton mask comes with a washable filter, nose wire and adjustable ear elastics to ensure a snug fit. $17, bienaller.com

30. Fresh Rejects

logo-printed kids mask

Photo courtesy of Fresh Rejects

These kids fashion masks are washable and feature either the brand’s signature logo or signature cartoon characters: the skunk and raccoon. Twenty percent of each sale will be donated to Food Banks Canada. $15, freshrejects.com

31. Covid Cuties Mask

kids in masks

Photo courtesy of Instagram/covid.cuties.masks

Made to order by a Toronto designer, these cotton masks are sold through her Instagram account and come in four sizes (baby, small kid, big kid, and adult). An optional filter pocket can be added to masks for $5. from $15, instagram.com

32. Jonny Mask

father and daughter wearing matching masks

Photo courtesy of Jonny Mask

These reversible masks are made of two layers of cotton and come in a variety of prints. Pick up one for yourself and a matching one for your little. From $15, jonnymask.com

33. Kanuk

young boy wearing face mask

Photo courtesy of Kanuk

Made with silver thread, which is known for its antibacterial, antifungal and thermoregulation properties as well as its ability to cut down on odours and moisture, these adjustable masks are designed to mould around young faces. $24, kanuk.com

34. Q Design

young boy in pleated face mask

Photo courtesy of Q Designs

This Canadian drapery maker has pivoted in response to COVID-19 and is now producing PPE for both adults and kids. The pleated kids mask fits most kids aged 5 to 10 years old and is made with an 100 percent cotton lining and a poly-cotton blend outer layer. $12, qdesigncentre.com

35. Minikane

young girl and her doll wearing matching masks

Photo courtesy of Hey Kiddo

These mask sets come in three sizes: parent, kid and doll. The hope is kids will be more likely to wear the mask if they can share the experience with those closest to them. $25, heykiddostore.com

36. Nonie

reusable cloth face masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Nonie

These 100 percent cotton masks are lightweight with an internal sleeve for a filter (sold separately). For added protection, masks have been lined with a high-density SMS fabric that claims to protect against airborne and waterborne ingressions. $33, houseofnonie.com

37. Moji

patterned kids masks

Photo courtesy of Moji

Kids can stand out in these limited edition masks featuring zoo animals, flowers, abstract designs and more. Each mask is handmade in Canada by a local seamstress who has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Each mask is made of two layers of cotton with a pocket that you can add a filter to—they recommend a coffee filter or baby wipe. $20, mojimask.ca

38. Project Safety Box

anti-viral cloth mask

Photo courtesy of Projectsafetybox.ca

These masks claim to be made of patented, antimicrobial layers that provide extra protection and blocks external bacteria and pollution: the outer layer prevents the passage of bacteria from the outside, the second layer is a silver-based anti-viral coating with a filter film and the last sheet is a soft comfort layer that is smooth and safe for your skin. Masks have adjustable ear loops. from $13, projectsafetybox.ca

39. Gift Gowns

kids reusable cloth face masks

Photo courtesy of Gift Gowns

Made from two layers of cotton, these come in three different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. $21, giftgowns.com

40. Fujifilm Printlife

kids wearing custom masks

Photo courtesy of Fujifilm Printlife

Kids can customize their own designs on these stylish masks from the popular photo-printing company. Masks are made from a double layer of soft fabric and over-the-ear elastic straps. $12, fujifilmprintlife.ca

41. Comfey

kid-sized reusable cloth face masks

Photo courtesy of Comfey

The whole family—including your pup!—can match with these hand-made masks (and bandanas for the furry set). Made from two layers of soft, premium cotton, masks have adjustable ear loops and can be machine-washed. $12, comfey.ca

42. Mistyelle

kids reusable face masks

Photo courtesy of Mistyelle

These cute masks are washable. Made from a cotton polyester blend and engineered for breathability, they’re ergonomically designed and water resistant. Masks also come in adult sizes. $15, mistyelle.com

43. Freed and Freed

siblings wearing matching reusable cloth face masks

Photo courtesy of Freed and Freed

This Canadian mom of three has been using her supply chain to procure N95 masks for essential workers since the beginning of the pandemic. Now, she’s making reusable masks for kids, which feature cute emojis. With each purchase, 5 percent of all proceeds will go towards The Black Youth Helpline. $14, freedandfreed.com

44. Mouse Loves Pig

two young girls with stuffies wearing matching face masks

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Cox, Mouse Loves Pig

These contoured kids masks are reversible and come with a coordinating mask for a stuffy or doll. Made to best fit 2 to 10 year olds, they’re fabricated with soft cotton and stretchy ear loops. $15 US, mouselovespig.com

45. Bond Street

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Staples Canada

These printed poly-blend masks are airline-approved and have adjustable ear straps and metal nose wires. They have a pocket for a filter (one included) and can be machine-washed. $13/pack of two with one filter, staples.ca

46. Vista Print

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Vista Print

These kids and adult-sized masks come in a variety of prints (or you can create your own!) Made from a durable, breathable stretchy fabric, they’re designed to wick away moisture and have adjustable ear loops for comfort. From $18, vistaprint.ca

47. My Pop Mask

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of My Pop Mask

Claiming to be “extremely breathable”, these water-repellant masks comes in fun prints or solid colours. $19, mypopmask.ca

48. Little Blue House

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Little Blue House

Made from a soft blend of cotton and spandex jersey fabric, these adorable masks are best suited for kids ages two to five. $9, littlebluehouse.com

49. Kidcare

reusable cloth masks for kids with fanny pack kit

Photo courtesy of Toys “R” Us

These kid-friendly kits come with two masks and a hip pack you can personalize with the included patch and cut-outs. $25, toysrus.ca

50. Katrin Lablond

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Katrin Lablond

This five-pack of masks is made to get kids ready for back-to-school. Best suited for 5- to 12-year-olds, the two-layer cotton masks are made in Montreal. $79/pack of five, katrinleblond.com

51. Kids on the Lake

reusable face mask for kids

Photo: courtesy of Kids on the Lake

These kids masks are made from cotton with antibacterial thread (Hanilon ab+ fiber) in Niagara Falls, Ont. Masks are designed to fit kids ages three to 10. $10, kidsonthelake.com

52. Province of Canada

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Province of Canada

These ultra-soft cotton masks come in sizes to fit the whole family (opt for XS for kids ages four to nine). $14, provinceofcanada.com

53. Deux par Deux

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Deux par Deux

Wearing a mask doesn’t mean you can’t show off your personality. Let your little one’s inner tiger out with this adorable kids cloth mask. From $12, deuxpardeux.com

54. School Mask Pack

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of School Mask Pack

Kids will be back-to-school ready with this five-pack of colourful masks made in partnership with Crayola. $40/pack of five, schoolmaskpack.com

55. Drake General Store

reusable cloth masks for kids

Photo courtesy of Drake General Store

These fashion-forward masks have a trendy terrazzo print and come in adult sizes, too. For every mask sold, Drake General Store will donate another mask to help families in need, both kids and adults. The masks are made from double layered upcycled locally knit jersey with a pocket for a filter (not included).  $22/pack of two, drakegeneralstore.ca

56. PK Beans

reusable face mask for kids

Photo: courtesy of PK Beans

These extra soft masks are made with a jersey fabric and have a pocket for a filter (not included). $11, pkbeans.com

57. Kombi

reusable face mask for kids

Photo: Courtesy of Kombi

This range of antimicrobial junior masks are double layered with a removable filter and a bendable nose bar to help keep the masks in place. The masks also feature unique ear guards and a breathable lightweight fabric that is soft on skin. from $15, kombicanada.com

58. Uniqlo Airism

reusable face mask for kids

Photo: courtesy of Uniqlo

Made from three layers (the middle filter layer is built-in and washable), these masks comes in both kids and adult sizes. $15, uniqlo.com

59. Under Armour

reusable face mask for kids

Photo courtesy of Under Armour

Designed for the kid that likes to be active, these high performance masks use UA Iso-Chill fabric on interior lining and ear loops, which feels cool to the touch. An antimicrobial treatment on the inside layer will help keep mask fresh while the polyurethane open-cell foam lets air through but makes it hard for moisture and sweat to pass. $35, underarmour.ca

60. Pehr

reusable face mask for kids

Photo: courtesy of Pehr

This popular baby brand has masks that match their minimalist aesthetic. Coming in five packs, masks are made from the same organic cotton as their baby clothing and for every mask set purchased, they will donate a set to a person in need in India, which is where Pehr products are made. $25/pack of 5, ca.shoppehr.com

61. Proteq Canada

reusable face mask for kids

Photo: courtesy of Proteq Canada

Made with silver ions, this antimicrobial mask claims to provide the same protection of a three-layer mask with only a single-layer construction. It has a nose wire to ensure a snug fit and has been OEKO-TEX tested to be free of any harmful chemicals. $25, proteq.ca

62. Masksandscrubcaps.ca

reusable face mask for kids

Photo: courtesy of Masksandscrubcaps.ca

This Toronto-based company was formed in July using local sewers to sew masks and scrub caps for frontline workers. They now sell curved and pleated masks for kids in a variety of fun fabrics and prints. From $12, masksandscrubcaps.ca

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