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Effective Positive Rewards is all about changing a child’s behavior by focusing on what they do well. Rewarding positive behavior is one of the most effective ways to decrease negative or unwanted behavior.

When parents give positive reinforcement they are encouraging their child to repeat the behavior. Which, in turn, allows children to be successful. Rewarding a child for their positive behavior doesn’t have to be expensive or involved. Simple things like words of encouragement, one-on-one time with a parent, or extra playtime can be very motivating for a child.

If children don’t receive positive encouragement for what they do well, they are less likely to continue the behavior.

Effective Positive Rewards show parents how to set up a reward system for kids that work. Using five simple components, parents can help kids improve and grow.

The five components are:
Immediate: The reward should happen as soon as possible after the positive behavior.
Degree/size: The reward should match the behavior.
Consistent: A parent needs to reward the child every time the behavior happens.
Important: The reward should matter to the child.
Varied: Parents should give a variety of rewards as the same reward becomes less effective.

Effective Positive Rewards is more effective when combined with Effective Negative Rewards, as the two skills work hand-in-hand to help parents change behavior.

Visit for a game plan on how to teach the skill of Effective Positive Rewards.

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