Adorable Baby Reacts To Her First Ever Pizza And You Wouldn’t Want To Miss It


All you pizza lovers in the house, have you ever wondered how this heavenly dish was invented? Pizza is an all-time favorite food, and you don’t have to be an Italian to agree to that. This cheesy dish is perfect for a date night, a picnic at the park, or a game night. It goes perfectly with beer and some wine too. The best part about pizza is the toppings. While it tastes incredible with multi-layer toppings, the simplest and most tasty pizza topping is cheese. Lots of it. Cheese pizza is one of the best dishes created by humanity, and we’ve got proof that it wins many hearts, including babies.

A baby in Carolina ate pizza for the first time, and her reaction is worth seeing. She giggled with joy, and we can completely relate. The video of the little girl eating pizza for the first time made headlines because of how delighted she was after taking her first bite. In an interview with a popular news portal, the little girl’s mother revealed that it was her baby’s first time trying pizza, and she loved it.

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The clip was filmed on July 21st, where the cute little girl is sitting on a high chair. She is from New Bern, North Carolina. She is given her very first slice, which is huge, perhaps even bigger than the size of her face. The adorable little angel attempts to take a bite of the slice while her mother watches. After ripping a tiny piece of the delicious treat from the large slice, she chuckles. Her face breaks out into a wide smile. The clip perfectly captured her little delighted giggle, and her mother burst into laughter.


Pizza is one tasty dish, and we cannot help but feel happy when we eat it. Even babies think so! If a baby, who is mostly a fussy eater, tries pizza for the first time and loves it, we know it’s a gift sent to us from heaven. It is a great dish that can be shared with friends too. You have to admit that pizza was the food you looked forward to when you went to your friend’s house for a birthday party or a sleepover. It made every other food look bad. Pizza had the power to make you smile when you were kids, and it still does! But what about other foods?

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Babies don’t necessarily like all foods that they consume. Have you ever seen how a baby reacts to sour food? Their reaction is hilarious. They are not only taken by surprise but make for some of the funniest moments that you can capture.


Unlike adults, babies cannot hide their reactions to things they do not like. But that’s what makes it extremely funny. Remember, as kids, when your mother or grandmother forced you to drink milk? You did not like the taste of it, but you had no choice but to drink it. So, you did. But you did not shy away from expressing your dislike towards it. You probably even cried to try and get out of drinking milk, but it did not help you. You still had to gulp it down.


It’s not every day that you come across kids reacting to the food they consume for the first time. But if you’re around a kid and are about to feed them something out of the ordinary, be sure to have a camera ready to capture the moment. You never know how they would react, and if it were a priceless reaction, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Have you captured some of your kids’ hilarious reactions when they tried foods for the first time? Comment below and let us know. If this article tickled your funny bone, be sure to share it with your friends and family so they can have a good laugh.

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