Easy fall fashion trends for mama + kids to try this year


There’s nothing like the feeling of buying new clothing. You feel good all over, and honestly, on top of the world. You might not be comfortable going into stores this year, but if you can spare 15 minutes and have internet access, you have what it takes to master fall fashion trends.

Earlier this week, we chatted on Motherly Live! with Simone Gittens, the momager to 5-year-old mini style maven and digital influencer callmeSPARKLE. Gittens has a wealth of experience in fashion and PR as a fashion buyer, merchandiser and luxury consultant. In our conversation, she gave us an idea of what trends we should follow this season. She also explained much-needed thrifting tips and a hack to make shopping with kids easier. We were all ears and in case you missed it, you can watch our full conversation on IGTV:

Here are just a few of the many highlights from our chat with Simone Gittens:

On trends to keep in mind this fall season:

On denim:

It’s hard to find denim for moms because of the fit. But, I love skinny and high-waisted jeans that had a bit of extra room around the waist.

On jewelry:

I wear fine jewelry when I have breaks from my children. Even if I’m simply going to the grocery store, I’ll wear nice pieces to make me feel good. I know moms don’t always feel like dressing up, but it’s so important.

On mommy and me trends:

Loungewear, dresses, denim jackets [and] hoodies are items that are easy to pair and don’t require too much hassle to throw together. You also don’t have to match in order to be coordinated. Try wearing colors of the same family, or even mixing prints. Currently, I’m into cheetah and striped prints.

On wearing your partner’s clothing:

Don’t be afraid to shop your partner’s closet. I love to wear leggings with my husband’s black T-shirt. His tops are oversized and so comfortable! Also, mens buttoned shirts are great if you’re nursing.

On what to keep in mind when buying kids clothing this season:

Gittens: When buying kids clothing, it’s so easy to only buy things we want them to wear. But, pay attention to what THEY like. I know my son is simple, so I dont go over the top for him. I don’t have time to fight with him, so I pay attention to what he likes. It’s about listening and stepping back.

Gittens: It’s also important to outfit them in clothing they like because if they don’t like it, they won’t feel good wearing it. They’ll be uncomfortable and they won’t feel confident.

On thrifting tips for kids + moms:

Gittens: When thrifting, try to relax. Don’t go in expecting to buy items. Thrifting is all about finding hidden treasures. But keep in mind a few things that you need. About 95% of my kids’ clothing is from thrifting. You never know what you’ll find!

Gittens: Your eyes are the secret to good thrifting. For me, I’ll scan the rack with my eyes, and whatever catches my eye, I’ll grab. Let the item speak to you. Look at the texture, check out the print.

Gittens: If you must shop while having the expectation of buying something, go straight to that section. Go there first and then circle back to another section. Don’t wander around first because you might get overwhelmed or spot someone with an item you want!

On an important tip mamas should know on shopping for kids:

Gittens: Shopping with kids can be a hassle, so to cut down on time, look around your home first and see what you need to buy. It’s important to take inventory so you don’t overbuy or get things you don’t need while trying to manage a child in the store.

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