9 fun ways to celebrate Halloween (that don’t involve trick-or-treating)


Halloween is going to be a bit different this year for many of us. As social distancing is still happening, Trick-or-treating is a risk and we’re probably not passing out candy to our neighbors. How can we
make Halloween enjoyable this year while also keeping them, our loved ones, and everyone else in our community as safe as possible?

Even if you aren’t celebrating Halloween the way you would normally, the good news is that children are flexible—and forgiving. This year won’t look like others, but what matters most it’s still a time to connect and make many memories. You’ve got this.

Here are 9 fun ways to safely celebrate Halloween with your entire family:

1. Have a jack-o’-lantern hunt.

Much like the Easter Egg hunt, we can hide trinkets, candy, or whatever our children would normally enjoy collecting from neighbors, and hide those things in our own yards, instead.

Hiding them inside also works well if the weather or other conditions aren’t conducive to an outdoor search.

To save money, decorate your old plastic Easter eggs in Halloween decor. Try painting fun monster faces on the eggs with washable paint or stickers.

2. Show costumes virtually—or from afar.

Kids are getting comfortable seeing each other from a distance or virtually. Why not turn this into fun? Schedule a special video meeting or socially distant park gathering to model those fun costumes with friends.

3. Enjoy a safe walk through the neighborhood.

It’s fun to watch kids in costumes walk up and down your street. And, there’s no reason walking can’t happen this year as long as proper safety precautions are followed.

It might be just the sense of community you or your neighbors need, even if you’re not stopping to visit houses this year.

4. Incorporate masks into your costume.

Since masks are a part of our normal routine, why not incorporate them into costumes? I don’t know about your house, but since face scrubbing doesn’t always go over well with my little one, it’s much easier to throw a mask into the laundry.

Need a quick idea? Draw kitty whiskers on a plain mask to make the perfect cat costume.

5. Decorate your home together.

Get out that construction paper and start decorating. Hang your child’s creations around the house, in the windows and even in your car.

Be sure to talk with your kids about your plan. Engage them in brainstorming. What might they find fun? See how many of their ideas you can incorporate into the holiday—the more you do, the more fun it will feel for them.

6. Connect with friends.

Do you have a friend or family member who you’ve seen safely this summer? Even if that person isn’t normally someone you see on Halloween, see if they’d be willing to have your child visit their home (even if just outside) for a special Halloween surprise that you’ve organized ahead of time.

7. Go on a scavenger hunt.

See how many pumpkins your kids can count on doorsteps, in windows, and perhaps even growing in someone’s garden. How about black cats or other decorations? What else can they find?

8. Start a baking or cooking tradition.

Remember that childhood game when we reached into a bag and tried, without looking, to guess the mystery food inside? Play this game at home with spaghetti, cut orange slices, or other squishy foods for a Halloween snack or meal.

Alternatively, eat Halloween-colored foods for dinner. Orange sweet potatoes, anyone?

9. Start a movie tradition.

There are many sweet Halloween movies for kids. But just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you must watch fall-themed movies. Opt for shows and movies your entire family will enjoy, regardless of the genre.

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