Learn The ABC’S Of Behavior: A Learning Activity With A Twist

The activity helps children understand that things work in a sequential order. This activity also has a twist. You can use this activity in a way to teach better behaviors as well as indicated in the video.

Learn more about the ABC of behaviors here: http://www.smarterparenting.com/lesson/view/begin-here-the-abcs-of-behavior

ABC (Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence) activity to help children understand how consequences are related to their behaviors and how behaviors are connected to a stimulating event or situation.

Antecedent – The situation or event before a behavior occurs.
Behavior – The actual behavior (tantrum, arguing, yelling, running away).
Consequence – What happens as a result of the behavior.

Using the twist in this activity will help your child understand that they can get their desired outcome if it is attached to the appropriate behavior.

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