Helping children with ADHD using Observe and Describe | Describing Behavior

Parenting child with ADHD can be overwhelming, but this video will help you understand how to address your child’s ADHD behavior through the use of behavioral skills. The skill of Observe and Describe is mainly something you as a parent will use. It will be helpful for your ADHD child as it helps them regulate their emotions by taking time to understand what they are feeling.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t have the words to describe children’s behavior? The power of Observe and Describe is that it avoids the question game and gives you, and your child, the words needed.
Observe and Describe works to correct negative behaviors or to reinforce positive behaviors as it’s merely observing situations and describing behavior. Observe and Describe improves communication and improves relationships.

Children with ADHD can better deal with their feelings if they can pause and deconstruct what is happening and then positively address the symptoms.

Watch the Observe and Describe online video lesson as many times needed to understand the steps. Then watch the lesson with your child. As long as your child can verbally communicate with you, they can learn this skill.

Helping children with ADHD understand what is physically happening to them when they struggle to pay attention allows your child to recognize and fix their behavior. Start by having them practice describing the sensation they experience in specific situations, such as school lessons, eating dinner, or watching movies. Come up with a plan they can use when those symptoms arise. This plan may include things like breathing exercises, coloring, standing, or physical movement.

You must practice new behaviors with your child. The more your child practices using the new behaviors, the easier it will be for them to know what to do when the symptoms arise. The minimum number of practices we recommend is three.

If you need help understanding the importance of practicing, we encourage you to watch the Role-playing skills video on Smarter Parenting.

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