I needed help designing the perfect nursery—so here’s what I did


As told to Deena Campbell

There’s a small room in my home that’s long, very rectangular and super awkward. I always knew this room would one day be my nursery, but I didn’t quite know how to bring it to life. I’m not good at interior design and I felt like I needed help creating a beautiful nursery.

After speaking with my husband, we decided to reach out to YouthfulNest to give us a helping hand. YouthfulNest is an online interior design service for nurseries and kid rooms.

Their tag, “life is stressful. Designing shouldn’t be” really resonated with me. At the time I was pregnant and didn’t have the time to think about décor. The idea of simply sharing my vision, reviewing the design and then shopping the items online was exactly what I needed.

I was so excited to give it a try.

For starters, we took many measurements of the room and submitted photos to give YouthfulNest an idea of the type of room we were dealing with. It wasn’t a standard room, and I wanted to make sure they designed it perfectly.

I jumped on a call with the designer to explain my style (and let’s be honest, my dreams) for the nursery. I didn’t know exactly how I wanted the room to look, but I knew I wanted navy colors and a mix of modern and traditional items I already owned. I told them my budget and answered any questions the designer had.

After the initial call, I crafted a Pinterest board to further explain my likes and dislikes. Shortly after submission, they sent me two rounds of a mockup with a list of products to purchase. That’s when the fun really began. I narrowed down the list and provided feedback on the items that were my style and pieces I could see in my home.

A few of the items they suggested were sold out, but they quickly provided other options. I was most impressed that they were able to stay under my budget, while providing additional price points in case something else caught my fancy.

I especially loved that she cut prices on things that didn’t matter—laundry baskets, storage bins, mobile—even the crib was inexpensive. The rug was a bit pricer, but that made a lot of sense since it’s a focal point of the nursery.

Once I narrowed down the items she designed the room and my vision came to life. YouthfulNest seamlessly mixed old and new pieces to create a beautiful room that I was so pleased with. They even transformed an old dresser into a changing table. It was so nice to have my awkward room turn into a perfect nursery for my little one.

Now that my daughter is a bit older and is slowly outgrowing her crib, I have thoughts about having YouthfulNest redesign the room. The room is still small, and my interior design skills haven’t changed much—it sounds like the perfect time for an upgrade.

Besides, the thought of having someone design a room without entering my home is especially appealing during a pandemic. And to me, having peace of mind and a beautifully designed room is priceless.

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